Sunday, October 22, 2006

How To Avoid Debating With An Atheist And Resist Admitting The Truth!

A correspondent has brought to my attention a risible and puerile article entitled, '6 Points To Remember When Debating An Atheist ' (which can be found on the 'Christian Outloud' site) . Essentially these points are:-
  1. 'Eventually you will be told that it is “Christians like you” that made them an atheist.'
  2. 'You will be called a hypocrite.'
  3. 'You will be told that you are “shoving” your beliefs down their throat.'
  4. 'You will be told that the atheist “lacks belief” not “disbelieves” in God.'(sic)
  5. 'Your statements will be mischaracterized.'(sic)
  6. 'You will be told you are being insulting, even when absolutely no insults have been issued.'
Naturally a number of atheists have posted comments rubbishing the article, which in turn are used as 'evidence' of the foregoing points by the original xtian poster, but the reply which really interested me was this one ( I post it in full here, before it is removed by the xtian webmaster from his site):-

Quote: "I have never said, ‘…it is “Christians [or Muslims, Jews, or any of the other 4,821 ‘faiths’ in the world] like you” that made [me] an atheist’, though I do admit to the fact that being of sound mind, with the ability to think rationally, able to construct validly logical arguments, and accept empiric scientific evidence are the reasons why I am an atheist. What’s more, I have never encountered a fellow atheist who would use such a puerile argument for being atheist when there is such overpowering reasons for being one.

As for believers being hypocrites, well that is self-evident and undeniably true, since the word refers to someone who is feigning to be better than one is or to be what one is not, since no believers of any faith show any respect for the faiths of others or, more importantly, respect for those (i.e. atheists) who do not believe in a supernatural force which allegedly created the cosmos.

As a dedicated anti-theist and misoclere, I react violently to believers of all descriptions since it is they who initiated the ’shoving of ideas down the throats of others’ - whether those others be of different faiths or none. Accordingly, I see it as my right and obligation to do my utmost to defend mankind from these people. However, whenever I contradict their dogma and/or invalid logical arguments which they claim ‘justify’ their belief in (their own particular) god, and even though I use irrefutable evidence and logic to do so, they ultimately resport to the childish response that I am somehow trying to force rationality on them. If there is something harmful in that, then every psychiatrist is wilfully trying to harm their patients.

I do not ‘lack belief’ in any one of the thousands of gods which have littered the human landscape over the millennia since these gods are simply the invention of the psychopathology and ignorance of those who believe in them. As a sane, rational, free-thinking human being, I have no need for such nonsense in my life.

Nor do I ‘mischaracterize’ the statements of believers, whatever the accuser means by this, since I rely exclusively on empiric evidence, rationality and cold-ineluctable logic to prove that their claims are spurious nonsense.

All believers are being insulting to me when they speak to me about their beliefs since they are implying that I am as mentally deranged and intellectually incapacitated as themselves. However, that is not sufficient for them, for they must also threaten me with the eternal punishment of their invented god for daring not to share in the psychopathic delusions that it exists. Whilst believers may consider that my speaking the truth to them is insulting, I do not.

In conclusion, the points put forward by this self-styled xtian are entirely spurious and without a shred of merit. Unsurprising, really, since neither the xtian poster, nor anyone else, has ever been able to produce a single shred of evidence that his alleged god exists, and neither have any of them been able to put forward a valid logical argument in support fo their claims."Unquote.

Will be interesting to see how our xtian psychopath reacts to that!

One thing's for sure - the response is unlikely to involve intelligent debate.

Or perhaps it will be just simply gratuitously offensive, like the claim by the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Sir Jonathan Sacks, when he proclaimed in The Times on 21st October that "...there are good reasons why God created atheists."

If that's not a perfect example of a believer 'shoving his belief down another person's throat', I don't know what is, and it is thoroughly and deliberately insulting!

So, here is the truth in simple words for those who could not be bothered to plough through the above: all who believe in a god or gods are either delusional psychopaths or frauds, swindlers, and exploiters of the weak and gullible whom they deliberately prey on!

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MomSquared said...

Yeah. I got an email from a friend recently that said, "What did you gain from not believing in god? (Just a deep dark hole in your soul).


These people just think whatever they want to think.

BTW I like your blog. Just came across it today and I hope you will keep posting.