Wednesday, November 15, 2006

But Women Are Equal Under Islam (LOL!)

Muslims will tell you, ignorant kafir that they think you are, that "Allah considers women equal to men" - but the truth is that Muslim men don't! In fact, most Mulsim men use the Qur'an as their reason for subjugating women to their own whims and control and treat them as mere chattels that have the status somewhat lower than that of a camel or dog (and dogs are considered 'unclean' by Muslims!)

For example, the new Afghanistan government has passed a law as recently as 2004 making it illegal to discriminate against women, yet were it really true that women were equal to men under Islam, the necessity for such a law would not only be totally un-necessary but a complete dead-letter ab initio!

What's more, this evening on the UK's Channel 4 News, Christana Brautigam, the spokesperson for the UN Division for the Advancement of Women who has recently returned from a fact-finding mission to Afghanistan confirmed that the Afghanistan parliament ratified the UN 'Convention Against Discrimination Against Women' only in 2003, which confirms that prior to that date, at least, Sharia law did not recognise women as equal to men.

The whole video of the current state of women under Islam in Afghanistan can be viewed here (click on the link 'Watch the report' immediately below the picture of the two women in the central pane). Despite the rather mealy-mouthed comments by Brautigam,the sad conclusion of the UN's Mission (which took place in August of this year), was that equality for women in Afghanistan was "still to be come a priority in the political and social agenda , once again belying the Muslim claim that Allah and the Qur'an treats women as equals!

Mind you, there have been improvements recently: one of the women interviewed for the report was raped, but when she complained to the authorities she was incarcerated in jail on a charge of adultery because the man in question denied it, naturally, and under Sharia law she needs 4 other men to come forward as witnesses for her story to be believed. However, thanks to the adoption of the UN 'Convention Against Discrimination Against Women', she is no longer facing the death penalty, only having her young son taken into care whilst she undergoes a lengthy prison sentence! Now that's what I call equality under Allah!

Give the Afghanis their due, however; the burkha is no longer obligatory for women there, unlike for the stupid women in the UK who claim, spuriously, that they have to wear it 'for religious reasons'!

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