Monday, November 13, 2006

Intelligent Life On Earth Soon To Be Extinct!

And here's the evidence.

Apparently, at some fancy ceremony due to take place in Istanbul, UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, is to be presented with a plan of action to ease increasing polarisation of Muslim and Western societies. This plan was formulated by by 20 prominent minds who are international figures from a variety of religions (but no atheists)!

To call anyone who believes in religion a 'prominent mind' is risible in the extreme, since the only thing notable about their intellectual capacity is their ability to delude themselves (and others) that religion is anything other than a product of human ignorance and psychopathology!

Is there no-one intelligent enough and with any authority over the rest of us going to stand up and point out that the increasing polarisation of Muslim and Western societies is almost entirely due to religion, and that ALL religions are nothing other than ignorant superstition, unworthy of ANY respect whatsoever?

Instead of the UN calling the arrangement the 'Alliance of Civilizations' they should have called it the 'Conspiracy of Ignorance'!

No doubt one of their proposals is that it should be illegal to question, criticise, mock or ridicule the superstitious nonsense and unsubstantiatable claptrap that ALL religious believers delude themselves with, and use as an excuse to attack others not of their faith.

Next step will be to make it illegal to be an atheist at all!

Let's all live in ignorance and superstition; after all, these tools have been used successfully over the millennia by those few in power who wish to subjugate the rest of us.

The rule of the clerics is in the ascendant: intelligent life on earth really will soon be extinct!

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