Friday, December 29, 2006

"Why I Am Not A Christian"

This was the title of a lecture given in 1927 by Bertrand Russell to the National Secular Society, and subsequently published as a pamphlet, which I first encountered as a young adolescent. Imagine my joy to find that this great thinker shared MY beliefs! Imagine my pleasure when I found that it is still available in cyberspace. Click here, and enjoy.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Believers, Rewards Await You (And Not Just In Heaven)!

Yes, it's true! All you god-believers who deny the scientific evidence and refuse to accept that either you are a bunch of raving loonies or a bunch of lying bastards can can collect $10,000 simply by posting conclusive evidence that god exists here .

Hurry, though, because some of your idiot bretheren have been there before you, such as Darlene, who posted these bon mots as part of her claim on the big bucks:

Quote: "Did you know that it is very reasonable to think that the Earth was made in 7 days — IF YOU KNOW HOW BIG GOD IS!!!!!

I was thinking about this the other day when a thought occurred to me.How long does it take you to make a salad? 15 minutes? About that, anyway.

Now suppose 2 ants were on the salad. Imagine one ant telling the other that you had made the salad in 15 minutes. The second ant might not believe it. After all, it would take an ant days to make that salad. He would think that making a salad in 15 minutes was IMPOSSIBLE, and an unbelievable claim. “15 minutes to make this whole salad? No way!” he might think. How could something that would take him days to make be done in 15 minutes?

But we are much, much bigger than the ant. The ant would have to assemble one piece of a lettuce leaf, then another piece, then another, and so on. But we are big and strong enough that we could assemble all of the lettuce at once, then all of the tomato at once, and so on. And so is God. Compared to God, we are mere ants or even smaller.

Could we make the world in 7 days? No way! Could something as big and strong as God make the world in 7 days? No problem." Unquote.

Now before you all hurt yourselves falling about laughing at Darlene's homespun idiocy, I'm willing to bet that none of you can produce any less risible arguments to support your so-called beliefs in this delusion which you like to call god.

Hurry now, for the prize goes to the first successful candidate.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Churchgoers "Suffer From Neurotic Personality Disorder"!

According to 'The Times', Dr Sara Savage, a psychology and religion researcher at Cambridge University and co-author of the report 'The Future of the Parish System: Shaping the Church of England for the 21st Century' has said, "[a considerable number of churchgoers] suffer from neurotic personality disorders bordering on the psychotic".

Admittedly Savage was not referring to all churchgoers, which suggest that her conclusions are hardly worth the paper they are printed on, since it is a generally held view amongst those psychological researchers with any professional integrity that all religious beliefs are delusional and prima facie evidence of "neurotic personality disorders bordering on the psychotic". However, she attempts to redeem herself, somewhat, when she states that all churches elicit bad behavious from their parishioners, such as status seeking, fawning, bullying, passivity, blaming others and gossiping, though it is notable that she omits to mention the most important things that they DO encourage - hypocrisy and mendacity! Still, as the Archbishop of Canterbury himself was one of the contributors to the report, it is hardly surprising that she was so meally-mouthed in her criticisms and was totally silent regarding the obvious!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A New Honorary Member

Today I would like to introduce everyone to a new honorary member of the Anti-Theist & Misoclere Society, since his blog is amongst the most thoughful, well-informed, and erudite on the subjects which are dear to me.

The young man in question is Alan Mackenzie, a self-styled 26 year old autodidact, and his blog, Rank Atheism, is both a delight and an education to read.

I thoroughly commend it to you all, since it puts men of letters to shame!

Visit and enjoy.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bishop Tells Lies - What A Surprise!

This mendacious charlatan is none other than The Right Reverend Dr Thomas Butler, Bishop of Southwark, who got so drunk free-loading at an Xmas reception at an embassy in London last week that he got lost on his way home, lost his valuables including his bishop's cross, broke into someone's car and started trashing the contents, began to fight with his apprehenders (during which he sustained injuries), and then claimed during a subsequent inauguration service at All Saints Church that he had been mugged!

Naturally this creep will likely escape all retribution or punishment for his reprehensible behaviour, as neither the police nor his boss, the Archbishop of Canterbury, are likely to do anything about someone who lies for a profession!

Fucking hypocrites, all of them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks Out Against Teaching 'Creationism' .

This is The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, the leader of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Recently he spoke out against the teaching of 'creationism' in schools in a lengthy interview with the Editor of 'The Guardian', Alan Rusbridger.

The full text of that interview can be found here, but the relevant extracts are reproduced below:-

Rusbridger: Are you comfortable with teaching creationism?

Williams: Ahh, not very. Not very. I think creationism is, in a sense, a kind of category mistake, as if the Bible were a theory like other theories.

Rusbridger: So it shouldn't be taught?

Williams: I don't think it should, actually. No, no.

This puts the Archbishop in direct opposition to that mendacious charlatan, Professor Andy McIntosh, of the risibly-named 'Truth in Science' organisation, which I have previously exposed here.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Face of Ignorance (and Hypocrisy)

So, the Grand Panjandrum of Ignorance & Buffoonery, otherwise known as Dr John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York, is at it again with his vilification of atheism and atheists.

According to 'The Daily Telegraph' today, Sentamu made his strongest assault yet on attempts to purge Christianity from public life, saying that 'aggressive secularists' were undermining the country's cultural traditions; apparently his comments reflect the growing fury of Church leaders at reports of companies banning Christmas decorations and schools leaving Jesus out of nativity plays. "Aggressive secularists are trying to pretend that it is possible to enter into the true meaning of Christmas by leaving out Jesus Christ," he said.

He also signalled his intention to declare all-out war on secularists, who he claimed were unfairly blaming other faiths to advance their own anti-religious agenda.

Listen here, Mr Stupidity, since none of you mendacious religious twats have ever been able to provide any credible evidence whatsoever that this geezer you call Jesus Christ ever existed, the REAL meaning of the festival you call christmas is complete nonsense per se!

Furthermore, your made-up festival was simply imposed on the ancient pre-xtian practises around the winter solstice when people began to feel thankful that the back of winter had been broken and that their hopes of surviving it for another year were more likely to be achieved.

As for your claim that your moronic religion is being persecuted by anti-theists like me, quite simply that is as valid as the evidence that your imaginary god exists - and since you will be too dumb to understand that point, what it means is that your claims are a complete fabrication!

Of course you are well aware how threadbare your stupid and irrelevant claims are, since the best defence for them that you can put forward is the following ridiculous statement: "Why don't the aggressive secularists and illiberal atheists listen to the great wisdom of Sir John Mortimer, playwright and atheist, who writing in The Daily Telegraph on April 28, 1999, said 'Our whole history and culture in Europe is based on Christianity, whether you believe in it or not. Our culture is Christian; Shakespeare, Mozart – all that makes life worth living is part of the Christian tradition' ."

First, Mortimer never demonstrated what I would consider to be 'great wisdom' in any sphere, but anyone who claimed that "all that makes life worth living is part of the Christian tradition' " is clearly an ignorant and insensitive buffoon, rather like yourself.

Second, what has Mortimer's irrelevant and spurious claim got to do with the real issue - that the silly festival which you call xmas is a totally unreal and fabricated event celebrating a non-existent person, ignorance and superstition, and that those who do not share your stupidity, mendacity or delusional psychosis have a right (some would say duty), to object to it.

Third, anyone who considers Mortimer's statement represents 'great wisdom' has clearly had a very circumscribed education.

In conclusion, your claim that, "This aggressive brand of secularism is trying to undermine the cultural traditions of this country by using flawed arguments about 'multi-faith, multi-culturalism' whilst at the same time trying to negate faith groups all together." - I reject that in it's entirety since I hold that ALL faiths are a completely irrelevant fabrication and that none of them are entitled to ANY respect whatsoever (and neither are their practitioners, per se).

Furthermore, since you object so strongly to changes in the cultural traditions of this country, perhaps you would like us to return to the days when salvery was the norm, not to mention bull-baiting, or sending small-children up chimneys to clean them, or for the 'droits de seigneur' when the likes of you could rape our children without us having any redress?

At best you are a mendacious hypocrite, John Sentamu, but that is the least you are guilty of.