Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bishop Tells Lies - What A Surprise!

This mendacious charlatan is none other than The Right Reverend Dr Thomas Butler, Bishop of Southwark, who got so drunk free-loading at an Xmas reception at an embassy in London last week that he got lost on his way home, lost his valuables including his bishop's cross, broke into someone's car and started trashing the contents, began to fight with his apprehenders (during which he sustained injuries), and then claimed during a subsequent inauguration service at All Saints Church that he had been mugged!

Naturally this creep will likely escape all retribution or punishment for his reprehensible behaviour, as neither the police nor his boss, the Archbishop of Canterbury, are likely to do anything about someone who lies for a profession!

Fucking hypocrites, all of them.

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Papalazarou said...

yes - that sounds like right and reverential behaviour - NOT!