Friday, December 15, 2006

Churchgoers "Suffer From Neurotic Personality Disorder"!

According to 'The Times', Dr Sara Savage, a psychology and religion researcher at Cambridge University and co-author of the report 'The Future of the Parish System: Shaping the Church of England for the 21st Century' has said, "[a considerable number of churchgoers] suffer from neurotic personality disorders bordering on the psychotic".

Admittedly Savage was not referring to all churchgoers, which suggest that her conclusions are hardly worth the paper they are printed on, since it is a generally held view amongst those psychological researchers with any professional integrity that all religious beliefs are delusional and prima facie evidence of "neurotic personality disorders bordering on the psychotic". However, she attempts to redeem herself, somewhat, when she states that all churches elicit bad behavious from their parishioners, such as status seeking, fawning, bullying, passivity, blaming others and gossiping, though it is notable that she omits to mention the most important things that they DO encourage - hypocrisy and mendacity! Still, as the Archbishop of Canterbury himself was one of the contributors to the report, it is hardly surprising that she was so meally-mouthed in her criticisms and was totally silent regarding the obvious!


Alan Mackenzie said...

This preposterous website is a prime example of the hatreds and bigotries extrapolated by Christians:

Study the 'Religious Liberty Cases' at the top of the page. Apparently, they're complaining about all those awful 'secular fundamentalists' who deny them the right to promote Old Testament mores on sexual prohibition.

Look for a minute at all the resentments they show towards gays and transexuals.

Well, maybe they don't take all passages from the bible literally:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves, Philippians 2:3.

Interestingly, they cite 'freedom of speech' as the motivation for their views, but nonetheless, label critics as militant atheists etc.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Those are not examples of 'religious liberty', they are simply examples of religious bigotry, intolerance, misanthropy, and hypocrisy.

As for their demands that their and irrational beliefs be protected under the aegis of 'freedom of speech', it is risible that they are concurrently trying to impose legislation on others preventing us questioning, criticising, mocking, ridiculing their delusional beliefs or otherwise causing them offence.

Unalloyed hypocrites and liars the lot of them.