Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A New Honorary Member

Today I would like to introduce everyone to a new honorary member of the Anti-Theist & Misoclere Society, since his blog is amongst the most thoughful, well-informed, and erudite on the subjects which are dear to me.

The young man in question is Alan Mackenzie, a self-styled 26 year old autodidact, and his blog, Rank Atheism, is both a delight and an education to read.

I thoroughly commend it to you all, since it puts men of letters to shame!

Visit and enjoy.


Alan Mackenzie said...

Dear Merchant of Menace,

Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to discuss such important issues about the role of faith, science, and critical thinking in our society.

Kind regards,

Alan Mackenzie.

Papalazarou said...

welcome alan to the curmudgeaon's corner

The Merchant of Menace said...

How remiss of me, Papz, I've just noticed that I have never told the world that you too are an exalted one and an honorory member and fellow traveller. Forgive the omissions; job now done.