Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another Consequence Of ‘Intelligent Design: The World Is Flat, And Square!

This good looking guy is none other than Roger M. Wilcox, of the International Square Earth Society. He has stated that:

"It is a well-established Biblical fact that the Earth is flat and immobile. Every good Biblical literalist knows the Scriptural passages which demonstrate that the Earth does not move and that its surface is not curved..."

Roger then produces an incontestable argument to substantiate his claims:

"The Book of Revelation, chapter 7, verse 1, makes the following unmistakable statement about the shape of the Earth: "After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, blah, blah, blah. This clearly shows that the Earth has exactly four corners. Blah, blah, blah; these passages clearly state that the earth has ends — that is, straight edges. This, combined with the four corners provided in Revelation 7:1, means that the Earth must be some kind of quadrilateral shape. The possibilities are:

  • A square
  • A non-square rectangle
  • A non-square rhombus (i.e. a "diamond" shape)
  • A non-rectangular, non-rhombic parallelogram
  • A trapezoid
  • A concave quadrilateral
  • An isosceles quadrilateral
  • A scalene quadrilateral"

And, finally, Roger uses exquisite logic to narrow down these alternatives (which you can read for yourself here: ), and comes to this conclusion:

"We know that God is perfect. God would, therefore, have created the Earth in the most perfect shape possible. As I've already proven, we know from Rev 7:1, Isaiah 11:12, and Job that the Earth must be a rhombus of some sort. It makes good Biblical sense that God would have created Earth to be the most perfect kind of rhombus possible. The most perfect kind of rhombus is the square. Its rectilinear corners perfectly match the rectitude of God. Therefore, the Earth must be square."

Actually, to be fair, Roger has a great deal more to say in support of his claim that the earth is square, but you’ll need to read those for yourself. But for religious folks, perhaps his most worrying assertion is this, taken from his ‘Question & Answer’ section:

Question: "Can I believe in the round Earth and still get into heaven?"

Answer: “No. As you know, if you do not accept every word in the bible as literally true, you are not really accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are doomed to burn in Hell for all eternity. God won't let any half-assed believers into heaven.

What you, dear reader, have to decide, is whether Roger is for real – and, if you decide that he is, and just happen to be a fundie/creationists (Hello, Professor Andy McIntosh),what are you intending to do about it?

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