Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Pious Cardinal Arch-Hypocrite Of Rome At It Again.

Not content with being unable to hide behind his wall of religious bigotry, and losing out despite Cherie Blair twisting her husband Tony's balls, Cardinal Arch-Fucking-Hypocrite Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has come back today with another risible attack against the government for refusing to allow religious charlatans like him (with apologies for the oxymoron) , the right to discriminate against homosexuals.

Earlier, he told the BBC's 'Today' programme that...

"Some legislation, however well intended, in fact does create a new kind of morality, a new kind of norm - as [the Equality Act] does.

It does seem to me we are having a new norm for what marriage is, because I think normally children should be brought up by a father and a mother and I think that we hold that that is extremely important.

The government has a right to legislate and homosexual couples are also able to adopt in other agencies but we want to hold onto this principle [i.e. to be able to discriminate against people who are an abomination to 'God' whilst we are being funded by the public Exchequer.]"

Cardinal Murphy-O'Cunt continued by claiming that the move would force religious people out of public life.

Not before fucking time, you manipulative lying shithead.

If I had my way, the State would be completely secular, and all you greedy religious bastards would receive no privileges whatsoever.

But the real issue is deliberately being glossed over by these duplicitous religious swindlers, because Section 57 of the Act grants exemption to "...organisations the purpose of which is:

* to practice a religion or belief,
* to advance a religion or belief,
*to teach the practice and principles of a religion or belief, etcectera

However, if an organisation claims exemption under S57, it cannot expect to be funded out of public funds - and that is the real reason for the opposition to the law from these mendacious bigots.

The irony of all this is that it is illegal to discriminate against these hypocritical cunts on the grounds of their ignorant, superstitious, bigoted religious beliefs, but they want the right to discriminate against homosexuals on completely spurious religious grounds.

Enough to make any decent person fulminate with rage.

But, hey, we're not supposed to criticise them - any more than we are supposed to criticise the fact that the majority of young Muslims living in this country would welcome the imposition of Sharia law.

Long live the revolution is what I say!


Sherwould said...

While I agree with most of your sentiments, I don't think that your approach is very productive. Your expression of pure hatred toward theists & your use of profane hurtful statements only detract from the logical points you are trying to make.

In essence, you sound a lot like the 'fire & brimstone' preachers screaming that people like you (and me) are doomed to eternal hellfire - or worse yet, should be sought out and eliminated from society.

I'm sure it makes you feel better to express your anger, but I doubt it does much for your (our) cause. It may energize those who agree with you, but it surely 'turns off' many who are still questioning religion but not yet convinced of its false and dangerous teachings.

And finally, it provides an example which theists can use to justify their belief that all atheists are just hateful angry people who love to bully 'God fearing folks' and reject any semblence of common human decency.

I truly believe that man will evolve to a humanistic and logical view of the world - and religion will be regulated to a group of small cults whose members will be considered social misfits - or just plain crazy. It will just take a few more generations in the west - and a few more than that in the more religiously controlled societies of the Middle East.

However, that will happen through exposure to new ideas & logical expressions exposing the myths and inanity of religion. Ranting & raving will only prolong that process - much as the religious ferver of 'literal Bible' evangelists probably helps us more than it advances their cause.

I believe that the old adage of attracting more flies with honey rather than vinegar is true.

Anyway, just some thoughts...

Take care, Bob B

The Merchant of Menace said...


Your criticism is merited, and I thank you for taking the time to respond.

I wish that I shared your optimism that, "...man will evolve to a humanistic and logical view of the world - and religion will be regulated to a group of small cults whose members will be considered social misfits - or just plain crazy", and that this will "...just take a few more generations in the west - and a few more than that in the more religiously controlled societies of the Middle East." Because I don't, and because religious people are becoming even more determined to impose their chosen irrational faiths on the rest of us, makes me despair, and very angry.

It seems to me that, for a variety of reasons, none of which are commendable, these people are immune to rational argument and scientific evidence. My grounds for thinking thus are that I have exhausted myself in the past using urbane and well-crafted arguments, all to no avail. Furthermore, time is rapidly running out for me, so I feel that I may as well have some fun in the time remaining by pouring vilification on the heads of believers.

As for your charge that I am giving evidence to theists "...that all atheists are just hateful angry people who love to bully 'God fearing folks' and reject any semblance of common human decency," I reject it. Theists have never needed any evidence throughout the course of human history to fabricate charges such as those against atheists, and in the very recent past we have had vicious attacks on us levied by no less than Murphy- O'Connor, Williams, Sentamu et al - even Dawkins has not escaped their excoriations. Some good it has done him, judging by the vile abuse and opprobrium his urbane comments have attracted.

Nevertheless, you are largely correct in your criticism, and I stand abashed in the face it.

Finally, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me; you are welcome to return and do so again, should you wish.

All the best, and take care.

Alan Mackenzie said...


I find that your choice of words is delicious.

"Cardinal Murphy-O'Cunt continued by claiming that the move would force religious people out of public life.

Not before fucking time, you manipulative lying shithead."

What a delightful turn of phrase, and surely an apt description for the cunting fools who believe in the word of "god".


Alan Mackenzie said...

Unfortunately, homophobia is not limited to religion, but permeates into secular society also. It is also unfortunate, that homophobic bigotry extends to not only LGBT people, but to non-LGBT people such as myself.

I live in Hove, which neighbours Brighton, a centre-piece for LGBT culture in the south of England. The city of Brighton and Hove is generally very tolerant, almost libertarian. However, there is still an element of homophobic bigotry, which pervades our general tolerance and acceptance of those people with a natural attraction to members of their own sex.

On my way to work, last Tuesday, at 06:42, I boarded the number 1 bus on Church Road, Hove, and walked up the steps to find a seat. A group of three male youths sitting at the back spotted me, and one group member called out:

"Oi, he looks like a right fucking faggot!"

The youths boasted about the gay-bashing they had conducted in the past, and discussed what they planned to do to me. They attempted to catch my attention:

"Oi, faggot! Oi, poofter, you look well queer, you fucking well take it up the arse, you dirty queer!" they shouted.

The youths did mention that their destination was Whitehawk, a rough part of east Brighton, and to my horror, I realised that they might alight in the vicinity of where I alighted, near Brighton college, which is near to Whitehawk.

Fortunately, these ignorant fools decided to alight at Waitrose, some two miles from Whitehawk. Why they did this is puzzling...maybe they wanted a bite to eat...or to find another victim [I never responded to their taunts, by the way]. Anyhow, I felt that I had a lucky escape.

The danger with homophobia is that due to its irrationality, the phenomenon can strike anyone regardless of their sexual orientation. The homophobe does not care who they choose as their victim, whether they be straight, gay, bi, or whatever. If someone looks "well queer", then that is sufficient to shout abuse, or threaten violence.

While if these thickos had one brain cell between them, it would die of boredom, The Catholic Church ought to know better. This denomination has many well-educated people as leading members, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing homophobia to continue. There can be no excuses, or exemptions on the grounds of "conscience". The established church sets a bad example, and this has got to stop.


The Merchant of Menace said...


I am so glad that you escaped the more serious attentions of these sub-cretinous brutes.

Unfortunately, that is the sort of obnoxious and deplorable behaviour one frequently has to suffer when employing public transport, which is why I always try to emulate the practice of our lords and masters and use private transport as much as possible.

As for homophobia, unfortunately it is not restricted to the Roman Catholic Church - our own Anglican Communion is replete with it, as are the Prebyterians, Calvinists, Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Uncle Tom Cobbley et al - not to forget our dear benighted Muslim friends and their brothers in Abraham, the Jews.

Yet all of those ignorant, irrational, superstitious cunts bleat about intolerance when any rational person criticises their misbegotten faith in some non-existent entity they claim is some kind of supernatural 'god'.

Fucking assholes, all of them, but intellectually no more honest or capable than those sub-cretinous brutes you met on the bus.

Alan Mackenzie said...

Where does homophobia come from?

Given that there is no well-demonstrated reason to be homophobic, is the phenomenon of homophobia merely a cultural virus which rests on something much older, such as religious doctrines?

Despite the fact that many homophobes are irreligious, has religion somehow created a cultural virus, which made LGBT practices taboo, and so the cultural symbiont of homophobia passed itself from generation to generation, without passing any benefits to those who carry the virus? I have reason to suspect that homophobia as a cultural virus does not benefit those who carry it; homophobes do not tend to enjoy hating gays, or people who they think are gay, so why do it? To my mind, it does not create any benefits to the homophobes, or the victim, but simply wastes the time and energy resources of those who perpetuate it. Does the phenomenon of homophobia exist to serve itself, like the cold virus?


The Merchant of Menace said...

Apart from those who are homophobic because they doubt their own sexual orientation, I believe that most of the blame for homophobia lies at the feet of religion, because it was they who engendered the spread of religious/cultural attitudes condemning it, for one reason or another (e.g. sex being used without procreation resulted in no children replacements being born to bolster and expand the tribe etc).

Apart from that, most groups or societies seem to enjoy having a group whom they can legitimately target, since this acts as a kind of catharsis for those who are unable to develop more sophisticated means of dealing with their frustrations and failings. Homosexuals seemed ideal for this purpose, for various reasons - not least the fact that they were generally painted as wimps who couldn't put up a fight to defend themselves.

mercurial said...

I totally agree with the merchant, I have suffered homophobia all my life, physical, and psychological. My education was ruined by the catholic school I went to. The sooner all religion dies out, the better. I am saddned by whats happened to Brighton and Hove over the last decade, it used to be a much more libertarian place to live, also it's a shame that people aren't fighting for the right to be different, rather than to be the same. So much has gone backwards since the 1980s.