Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Question About Religious Abuse

We hear much these days about people being abused by those in so-called ‘holy orders’ and I thought it might be interesting to ask this question of those so abused:

"What denomination and rank did the person who abused you have?"

In my case it was a Provincial in the Order of Preachers, more commonly known as the Dominicans.

But not only was Father Anthony Ross an exalted figure amongst Roman Catholics, he was considered to be a giant amongst the great and good that comprised the Scottish intellectual elite, being amongst other things the founder of The Innes Review and the Scottish Catholic Historical Association, and Vice-Chairman of the Parole Board for Scotland and quondam Rector of Edinburgh University.

He also liked to accommodate post-pubertal boys and young men with a troubled past in his official lodgings, where they were allowed to remain for as long as it pleased him. It was in his bedroom there that he took advantage of my extremely distressed state and sexually abused me. Fortunately I came to my senses before he was able to bugger me, and I was able to break free from his clutches and leave his dwelling for good.

Somehow I doubt if he mentioned his house full of catamites when he published his autobiography in 1988.

I also doubt that it was mentioned during the Requiem Mass conducted for him after his death in 1993, even though his activities were known to a number of his fellow priests, not to mention those who were his victims.

It is almost a pity that the Hell he always threatened others with does not exist, because the thought of him being in eternal damnation amuses me greatly, for he did not just abuse me sexually, he abused my trust as well.

Oh, and by the way, that has nothing to do with me being an anti-theist and a misoclere; I was those things long before Anthony Ross made his appearance in my life.

Anyway, that’s my answer to the question; what’s yours?


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The Merchant of Menace said...

Good to see you back, Alan.

Hope all is well with you.

I keep visiting you blog in hopeful expectation.

All the best.

Alan Mackenzie said...

My internet connection was down for two weeks, so apologies for being quiet.

I did check my blog using someone else's machine, on a different connection, and I noticed a few things. I use Mac OS X and Firefox 2.0, and the fonts seem fine. However, using my friend's machine: Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.0; I found the fonts on my blog to be of varying sizes. This, of course, makes the appearance of my blog seem awkward and unprofessional.

I have experienced problems with blogger regarding formatting: for example, following several edits to an article, I often find that I have to reformat everything to achieve a consistent font layout and size. From my system, and browser, my blog appearance seems fine. However, I know that you read my blog using Internet Explorer.

How does my blog look from your side?



The Merchant of Menace said...


I read your blog using Firefox - I use Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 only when forced to do so by Microsoft.

I have not 'upgraded' to the latest version of Blogger, now allegedly out of beta, since (a) I am happy with the version I'm using, and (b)I have read in a few of the computer mags that it can often cause problems migrating blogs onto the new system.

It also strikes me that this is a cumbersome way to communicate. May I suggest that should you wish to do so in future you email me here: "" (without the quotes). Bluebottle will ask you to work through its security - first to verify your IP address, and second to verify your message - before delivering it to me, but that's just to put spammers off.

And to answer your question, your blog looks fine to me, but then I have always been more interested in its content that its formatting. In short, I don't subscribe to McLuhan's thesis that the medium is the message.

Take care.