Friday, January 05, 2007

Xtians Claim Atheists Afraid Of Open Argument!

Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union have been suspended from the Student Guild and had a bank account frozen. The reason given was that the Union asked members to sign a statement of religious belief, and the Guild believed this was discriminatory. Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of that issue, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, head of the world-wide Anglican Communion, has now entered the fray. He claims that the refusal by some student guilds to recognise evangelical xtian groups looked like a "fear of open argument". A fear of open argument? How can you say that, Rowan, when most, if not all, of these loonie organisations, or organisations for loonies were I to be pedantically correct, refuse to allow non-theists to join or even address them in open debate? It is you xtians who are frightened of open arguments, Rowan, since none of you can justify the nonsense that you claim to believe in on logical or scientific grounds, and it can be explained only by abnormal psychology.

The Archbishop also went on to say that while the views of evangelicals on the issue of homosexual sex may be "embarrassing" to liberal xtians, traditional values should not be compared to holocaust denial or racial bigotry. Hmmm, so it's only "embarrassing", is it? And surely you're not claiming to be a 'liberal xtian', Rowan, as I seem to remember that you have said some pretty unsavoury things recently about homosexuals, as have many of your senior co-conspirators in that risible organisation known as the Anglican Communion.

As for your defence of "traditional values", by that you simply mean selectively choosing some of the values espoused in that book of make-believe you call the bible, and it was not all that long ago that your lot were using that so-called 'holy book' to justify slavery. You fucking hypocrite!

Furthermore, it is with some disquiet that I also note that you appear to be suggesting that religious bigotry against homosexuals is justified, and that those who do not share your (sexual?) insecurities (and dishonesty) are not allowed to criticise you for your outspoken attacks on those who attract your disapprobation.

Still, it's hardly surprising that you come out with such specious nonsense, Rowan; your whole world-view is based on a delusion, and it is the nature of psychopaths to deny reality where it does not fit into their distorted scheme of things.


Papalazarou said...

Intresting people these theists and they hold some interesting if indefensible opinions and behaviours - from today''s new alone I noted the following:

On interfering sexually with young people:
On collaborating with anti-humanitarian governments:
On holoocaust denial:

Ha ha ha - know them by their deeds!

The Merchant of Menace said...

I love the Archbozo of Warsaw's defence: "I never inflicted any harm on anyone." So, telling them lies about the existence of an invisible magick wizard in the sky, and threatening them with horrendous torture if they don't believe what he says is not 'inflicting any harm on anyone'!

Interesting morality, indeed.