Apart from the religious philosopher Alvin Platinga, I have never yet encountered a theist who claimed that this entity which they refer to as ‘God’ is not ‘all-powerful’. On the contrary, and almost exclusively, theists categorically and vociferously claim that their ‘God’ IS ‘all-powerful’, and that these ‘omni-qualities’ are the sine qua non of this entity that they claim to ‘believe’ in and which they assert exists, despite being unable to produce ANY credible evidence for their claims.

However, I found the undernoted claim on a BBC website discussing theism, agnosticism, and atheism, which states clearly that their ‘God’ is not ‘all-powerful’; as yet, no theist has appeared to be able to rebut it, so it must be true…

To know absolutely that there is no God one must have infinite knowledge. But to have infinite knowledge one would have to be God. It is impossible to be God and an atheist at the same time.

Leaving aside whether the premises are true or not, or even whether the conclusion is validly drawn from those premises, the conclusion in and of itself is unequivocal that ‘God’ is not ‘all-powerful’, since it states categorically that, “It is impossible to be God and an atheist at the same time.”

Incredible really, since some sophisticated theologians (with apologies for the oxymoron) claim that this entity they call ‘God’ exists outside existence, yet apparently it can’t be itself and an atheist simultaneously.

Why, even I can do that!