Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Church just cannot stop abusing children

The Rev David Smith (see picture) sexually abused boys over a period of nearly 30 years and, despite complaints to the church authorities in 1981 and again in 2001, no action was taken to stop him, Bristol crown court heard this week.

Smith, vicar of St John the Evangelist in Clevedon, Somerset, denies 14 charges allegedly committed against seven boys under 16. He denied 10 charges of indecent assault, two of indecency with a child, one sexual assault on a child under 13, and one of sexual activity with a child.

Brendon Moorhouse, prosecuting, told the jury that Mr Smith's abuse began when he was appointed assistant housemaster at a boarding school in Berkshire. During his year at the school in the mid-1970s, he abused three boys. After leaving the school, he abused another boy in 1981 while a curate in Gloucestershire, the court heard. He was entrusted to look after the boy when his parents went on holiday, but used the opportunity to indecently assault him, it was claimed. The victim's mother alerted the police and Mr Smith was moved to another parish.

In 1993 Smith arrived in Clevedon, where he allegedly abused three boys. Years later one of the alleged victims from the school saw Smith on television. Shocked to see his former teacher was now a vicar, he wrote to the church and was reassured the problem had "effectively been dealt with". But he abused another boy before the police were called in after a victim confided in a parishioner, the court was told.

Readers will be gratified to know that the diocese of Bath and Wells has merely suspended the Rev. Smith from duty pending the outcome of the case.

Nice to know that they care for their own, isn't it?

Fuck the little children entrusted to their care - or is that what Smith had been doing?

Nonetheless, you cannot blame Smith: these 7 young boys entrusted to his care and protection were obviously 'gagging for it', and he would have been less than a red-blooded male if he had been able to resist the opportunity of sexually abusing them. Apart from that, it's almost de rigueur for priests to be paedophiles, see for example the other notable case this week reported here.

Undoubtedly these 7 erstwhile innocent young boys are likely all mendacious perverts and atheists without any morality whatsoever who are now perjuring themselves just to bring a good and godly vicar down and to give the Church of England a bad name.


Papalazarou said...

Well - you have to admit that nowhere in the 10 Commandments does it explicitly say: "Thou shalt not sodomize little boys or interere with little girls" so he's probably OK with hisbig man upstairs.

It is so good to see that the solidarity of the Old (and young) Sodmites and Perverts Club, AKA mother church, is still going strong and protecting its own.

What a wonderful thing is organised religion!!!! NOT

beepbeepitsme said...

Churches have always attracted those who have a weird idea of sexuality. Yeah - a sweeping statement, I know.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Actually, BeepBeep, churches have always attracted those who have weird ideas, are psychologically needy or disturbed, or simply those who enjoy using the medium of religion to manipulate and exercise their power over others.

And so-called paedophiles (for paedophilia has nothing to do with 'child-love')demonstrate that their abuse of children is basically an empowering event for their distorted, sick egos, and it is that very dysfunctionality which probably drew them into the church in the first place, since the trappings of their so-called 'holy office' gave them a splendid opportunity to exploit others.

Audrey said...

Many, many years ago, there was a priest in this (Catholic) town who molested inumerable boys during his tenure here. That was long before I came here (I married a local man). So infamous was this priest, that even while he was still here and the acting priest his nickname throughout the community was "Fr. Touch-it," a play on his real French surname.

My husband is grateful, everyday, that his parents weren't "that pushy about church," because even though the priest in question had repeatedly asked his parents if they would make him (and two of his brothers) be altar boys, his parents had the sensibility to let the boys decide for themselves. Quite unfortunately, one of his brothers said yes.

I'm sure you can guess what happened, but what might shock you (or maybe not) was that when his parents filed charges with the RCMP, other parents in the community shunned them. Some of those families had children who had come to them and told what had been done to them, and yet THEY REFUSED TO CONDEMN THE PRIEST'S ACTIONS! My husband's mother told me this (I'm paraphrasing it somewhat):

"When (my son) told us what happened, I took my broken baby in my arms and told him I would do whatever I could for him. Then, when he was finally asleep. I cried like I had never cried before or since. But, when we did what we thought was right, I was called a traitor to the Church, a blasphemer and a trouble-maker. I cried then because these were mothers whose own sons had been broken, too."

She went on to say that even her own sister had told her own abused son that "whatever the priest asked you to do, it is God's way." Other parents did the same kind of thing. As a mother, I cannot imagine how a mother can be so incredibly blinded as to say such a thing, as to defend her child's abuser.

But then, I am not "of the faith" (and neither is my husband) and my poor little boy has never been exposed to the "glory of the Lord and the Church."

The Merchant of Menace said...


Thank you for sharing those painful memories, though I have to say that I am not surprised by them in the slightest, since I have both direct and indirect knowledge of hundreds of such incidents by clergy of various denominations.

My own personal experiences can be found here.

Interestingly enough, in the establishment run by my abuser, Fr Anthony Ross, he housed a number of 'troubled youths'(all male, of course), but he only took in those whom he could abuse sexually. At one time, another retired priest was also housed with him since the venue provided him with access to vital bibliographic research - and that other priest complained to Anthony's superiors about his sexual abuse of the youths in his charge. Result, the youths were temporarily moved out until the retired priest had finished his research,, but Anthony maintained his position - and was even promoted. Not unexpectedly he soon surrounded himself with more malleable and dysfunctional youths and young men whom he could practise his vile sexual abuse on.

Interestingly enough, Anthony's subordinate, Fr. Gerald, also liked to have sexual encounters with those who fell into his clutches, but in his case it was young women. Anthony disapproved of Gerald's heterosexual encounters, and advised him to give up the priesthood, which he subsequently did. However, Anthony did not, and went on from strength to strength, both in the church and the Scottish establishment; he also attained a certain notoriety in the homosexual scene of the day.

BTW, this same man told me that "...of course I don't believe in God, but the world is full of people who need something to believe in, and I see it as my job to minister to their needs in so far as I can." Obviously that included hypocrisy, homosexual buggery, lying to people about the existence of 'God', proclaiming that the Pope was infallible on matters of doctrine, and all the other irrational, superstitious nonsense that religion involves, rather than encouraging them to think critically about the real issues.

Papalazarou said...

I am so glad that I have avoided such people since our local Methodist minster touched me up (and got a smack in the mouth for his trouble) and kept my own children religion free

The Merchant of Menace said...

It is always gratifying to hear of a parent who had/has the intelligence, strength of character and integrity not to indoctrinate their children in the superstitious, irrational, manipulative nonsense that is called religion.

BTW, the predatory paedophile Smith was given 5.5 years gaol yesterday which, whilst being remarkably lenient, was a significant improvement over the derisory 2.5 years handed out to Peter Halliday, his quondam clerical colleague earlier in the week.