Thursday, April 26, 2007

Church Protects Paedophile - Again!

This is the face of Peter Halliday, a serial sex-offender and paedophile whose vile abuse of children was reported to his Bishop, David Wilcox, though the latter refused to report this degenerate predatory beast to the police. Wilcox covered Halliday's egregious offences up, claiming that...

I believe that we sought to act in the best interests - not only of the Church, but of the family and of everybody concerned at that time.
The Bishop's attitude is completely unacceptable, particularly when he and his colleagues in the Church of England are always telling the rest of us that without their god in our lives we cannot act in a moral fashion.

Bishop Wilcox's failure to act morally, legally, and decently means that either he does not believe in his god - in which case he is '...obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception...', to quote the Fraud Act, since he is being paid handsomely by the Church of England to fulfil the sinecure of a Bishopric - or else he is simply just another hypocrite and charlatan masquerading as a cleric in so-called 'holy orders'.

It is also interesting to compare Bishop Wilcox's spurious excuse for covering up for Halliday's repeated sexual abuse of children in his care with that of the Churches' own Child Protection Advisory Service, who said, according to the BBC, that the bishop's argument was a "red herring" and it was "well known even then" that such cases had to be reported to police.

Just a thought, but since Bishop Wilcox deliberately chose to ignore Halliday's vile sexual abuse of children, and the rules set in place by the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service , perhaps he too shares Halliday's penchant for abusing children entrusted to his care? After all, a man who deliberately lies to children that the Xtain god really exists, despite no credible evidence to support such a claim, may well be capable of anything. I'll bet he even tells credulous folks that 'Jesus' really existed, was born of a virgin, and was resurrected after death so that he could rejoin his father, who is actually himself, in a fairy-tale place called 'heaven' but which isn't half as nice if the stories of priests are to be believed.

But, if you find the the actions of Halliday and Wilcox worthy of your opprobrium, pause for a moment and consider those of the Judge, Ian Pearson, who amazingly saw fit to jail Halliday for only 2.5 years for the 10 specimen charges over some 5 years. Admittedly Judge Pearson added that Halliday should be banned from working with children and said he would be put on the Sex Offenders Register, both for life; additionally was ordered to pay his 3 victims £2,ooo each. Nevertheless, it seems an amazingly light sentence for a serial predatory paedophile, especially when such people are generally considered to be 'incurable' and ever likely to repeat their offences.

Anyone who suggests that Judge Pearson had an ulterior motive for his remarkably lenient sentence on Halliday may well be right, but I couldn't possibly comment.


Papalazarou said...

Isn't the disgusting Bish an accessory in law? Why has he not been charged? Double standards anyone?

Audrey said...

I see. So, is £2000 now the fair going rate for a child's life? Because that's exactly what is being ripped from them. People think children are resilient, or that they'll forget, or that they'll get some help and "learn to get over it." That is utter, fucking bullshit. You never forget. You never get over it. You are never, ever who you once were again.

The Merchant of Menace said...

I share your disquiet over the penalties imposed by the judge, Audrey, but it just goes to show the lengths that the establishment are prepared to go to be lenient to one of their own kind (CofE or paedophile, take your pick).

I also share Papalazarou's disgust that the Bishop, now retired, wasn't charged as an accessory, but the fact that he is still trying to justify his criminal cover-up for Halliday demonstrates just how arrogant these duplicitous Xtians are.