Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It Makes A Change From Altar Boys

This is 63 year old Roman Catholic priest Father Gerry Nugent, formerly parish priest for St Patrick's Church, Anderston, Glasgow, who made a habit of shagging his female parishioners - well, the ones he fancied, anyway - and it has been suggested in court today that he even murdered one of them and disposed of her body beneath the church floor after he found out that she was also shagging the church handyman.

This edifying tale of priestly hypocrisy, dishonesty, and perhaps much worse, is unfolding during the trial of the handyman, who has been charged with the rape and murder of Father Gerry's 23 year old Polish shag and murder victim, Angelika Kluk, after this slimy priest fingered him for the dastardly deed.

Those who wish to keep abreast - now, now, Gerry, don't get excited at that prospect - can read all about the unfolding tale of woe here.

When Cardinal Lev Vershinski was asked what he thought of Father Gerry's abuses, he said, "Well, at least it wasn't altar boys he shagged. I couldn't cover-up for any more of that sort of thing!"

Quite so.


Martin said...

Gerry Nugent was an extremely kind and attentive pastor to an old lady who was, before her death this January, his oldest parishioner - my late (and very maiden) great aunt.

The level of pastoral care he provided was exemplary.

The trolls can make whatever sick jokes and innuendos they like; but before writing down at the keyboard to write what they no doubt consider to be their very arch replies, they might care to reflect on their own frailties.

In my book Father Nugent will always be one of the good guys.

The Merchant of Menace said...
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The Merchant of Menace said...

Gerry Nugent is a duplicitous mendacious manipulative underhand person with little personal integrity or honesty who duped the ignorant, the superstitious, and the psychologically dysfunctional whilst misusing his position to further his own ends.

Whilst you may consider him one of the 'good guys' the fact that you imply that I am a troll because I write the truth on my own blog shows that, at best, you have little comprehension of the meaning of words and, at worst, no compunction about misusing them if you do. I am not a troll, and Nugent is not a 'good guy'.

To which I would add, I see that you have subsequently reiterated your above comment on the 'God Is For Suckers' thread where this topic was also aired, and that you were given short-shrift with this reply...

Quote:"Martin, John Wayne Gacy was nice to lots of neighborhood children when he donned his clown costume and hid who he really was…a horrendous predator and monster. He got away with raping and murdering young boys and men until he was finally found out and brought to justice.

One of the good guys? Frailties? Seems like god-botherers, despite their “faith” have trouble with “frailties” all too often.
Oh…yes…I forgot. You can do whatever and be forgiven in your own minds. What a bunch of bullcrap." UNQUOTE

I also note from your own blog that you are not so keen to overlook the frailties of others when you do not approve of their personalities, but then I am never surprised by the double standards and hypocrisy of so-called 'people of faith'.

To paraphrase Georges Rey: they are all liars. To which I would add: those that aren't are insane.

Which are you, Martin?

Stardust said...

My response to Martin where he trolled over at GifS was:

Gacy was a nice person who did good things for neighborhood children, but in reality was someone else underneath that no one can now deny and we know and admit he was NOT a “good guy.” We never know who might be capable of hideous deeds. I am not a fucking idiot and know there is a difference between a serial killer and killing to try to hide a love affair and being a sex predator on top of it!! But my point was, how the fuck can you say he was a “good guy” when he actually admitted he couldn’t be trusted to control himself?

Martin, it’s as if you are saying it’s ok for priests to molest young women and kill them as long as they are nice to old ladies!!! If that is your thinking, do you think that priests who molest and rape little boys are also “good guys” as long as they are nice to the grandmotherly types?

The Merchant of Menace said...

Nice riposte, Stardust, but what you have to remember is that religio-apologists the likes of Martin are not interested in truth - especially when it points out inconvenient facts that they do not want to countenance.

Actually the real reason Father Gerry was nice to his aged maiden aunt was so he could con her out of her money - after all, this is a priest who asked his parishioners to commit perjury for him, so he obviously has little compunction to exploit anyone foolish enough to trust him, like the geriatric maiden aunt.

Papalazarou said...

I'm sorry guys but I thought this discussion was about priests in which case what does truth have to do with anything? All members of any priesthood have discarded truth a long time ago.

This particular priest is clearly an obvious pervert though since he seems to limit his sexual predation to the distaff side - how very bizzarre! He must surely be in danger of excommunication - the Pope takes a dim view of heterosexuality in his chosen few

Martin said...

I am not making any excuses for the behaviour which Fr. Nugent has admitted.

But by the same token, if we are interested in truth we must acknowledge the good that people do as well as the ill.

Gerard Nugent was outstanding in the discharge of his duties towards my great-aunt; and for that he will have my eternal thanks.

Fred said...

I am not getting into priest bashing because like all walks of life there are good and bad. I knew Gerry Nugent quite a number of years ago and yes he could be a "good guy" but he could also be unpredictable.
I am surprised that his "past" has not been dragged up because he was well known for his womanising years ago and in fact had to leave a previous parish because of it.
Bad person, no, weak, most definitely.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Fred, I know you mean well, but I always find it rather amusing if not downright hypocritical of folks to excuse the wrongs done by priests and the like as mere 'weaknesses' whilst those very priests condemn the same actions by their parishioners and the laity in general as evidence that they are bad persons, immoral, damnable, and sinning against 'god'. Seems that sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander when it suits the deceitful purveyors of religion and their apologists. It is this application of double standards by those who set themselves up as morally superior to the rest of us that stinks and which decent people find totally abhorrent.

And as for Martin's eternal gratitude to Gerry Nugent for the latter's small kindnesses to an aged relative - which merits promoting Nugent to being a 'good guy', apparently - I find it amusing and hypocritical that he does not take into account any of the 'good turns' that must have been done by many of the people he excoriates and vilifies in his blog whilst readily condemning them for their frailties.

Double standards indeed, Martin; clearly you and Gerry Nugent have much in common.