Saturday, April 14, 2007

Theists Just Can’t Stop Lying!

Pope Benedict XVI, in his first book since becoming Pontiff, shares his “personal search for the face of the Lord”. The work is entitled ’Jesus of Nazareth’ and it was released on Friday.

According to Reuters, it is a highly complex theological treatise on Christ as both God and man in which the Pope dissects and analyses scripture passages like the old university professor he once was.

Benedict says the reader should not consider the 450-page work, a study he began about two years before his election and finished last September, as an infallible part of official Church teaching, writing: “Anyone is free to contradict me.”

OK, you Nazi bastard, here goes: without so much as reading your work of fiction I can safely say that you provide no credible empiric evidence that (a) this ‘God’ to which you refer exists, (b) that someone called ‘Jesus’ actually lived, far less that he was the son of this ‘god’ to which you refer, and (c) that all the other claims you make are equally specious and without any foundation in the real world.

Undeterred, Il Papa writes:

Yes, it really happened. Jesus is not a myth. He is a man made of flesh and blood, a totally real presence in history … he died and rose from the dead.

And, in presenting the book to the media, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna, said:

The innumerable fanciful images of Jesus as a revolutionary, as a timid social reformer, as the secret lover of Mary Magdalene, can be put to rest in the ossuary of history… [Il Papa’s book is based on] the solid, historical credibility of the Gospels.

The book, a first volume in a larger work, concentrates on the alleged “Christ’s” public ministry, and it starts with his baptism in the Jordan River when he was already an adult and ends with the Transfiguration.

But whilst the book is claimed to be a theological study, at times the Pope offers contemporary relevance to some Biblical accounts. For example, after analysing the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Pope says rich countries bent on power and profit has “plundered and sacked” Africa and other poor regions.

And he should know, for the Roman Catholic Church robbed them first, and continues to do so!

But the reason for this rape, allegedly, is the “cynicism of a world without God”.

And all this from a man who heads one of the most repressive, repulsive and downright backward organisations in the world, one which has cynically exploited human needs and weaknesses over the millennia to further its own self-aggrandisement and power, and one which, despite this worthless tome from an equally worthless theologian, cynically claims that there is a ‘god’, yet the only so-called ‘evidence’ he offers to substantiate his claims is the dubious, highly contentious, and thoroughly unreliable ‘Gospels’.

What a phoney; but then you all knew that, didn’t you?


powells4fam said...

Please quit assuming the gospels are unreliable. Are they unreliable or do you just think they are because they go against what you said? There actually is proof to them smart one. They predicted the earthquakes, economic collapse, and even trains. If you would read the gospels, you would know this. Get up to speed dude and remember to do your homework. Oherwise quit spewing nonsense. If there is such thing as an extremist atheist, you'd be one. Ignorant moron.

powells4fam said...

Oh and I can tell your spewing nonsense because you even go so far as to disregard facts. Jesus was proven to have been a real person by historians a long time ago. Get up to speed. There is proof that the events of the bible happended.Plus to call the pope a nazi bastard is also retarded ignorance(and I'm not even catholic). You even said that you never read the bible so that instantly makes your statement false and your arguement invalid since you judge something when you clearly know absolutley nothing about it. You might not even have known what the pope was talking about since the gospels were his one backup and you know nothing about the gospels so you just constantly insult him and his ideas(Nazi bastard?Really? Is he even german?).Get a life if you're gonna talk crap and have nothing to back it up. Just by reading your article, it sounded like YOU were the asshole in this, not the pope. Some role model. You're a foolish, uneducated, selfish, foolhardy troll who assumes that everyone is wrong but me and if any man(like the pope) says otherwise, then they're lying. But you already knew that didn't you? If you can't sound like an intelligent person then your ideas apparently aren't worth defending or sounding like a legit person about and they aren't truth.

The Merchant of Menace said...
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The Merchant of Menace said...

Previous post removed to edit it for your benefit, powells4fam.

You level charges at me which are more appropriately applied to yourself.

Your are the only person 'spewing nonsense' here. You are also the only 'ignorant moron' here. Quite clearly it is you who has not done your 'homework', preferring instead to restrict yourself reading fiction rather than works of fact.

Sure, there is proof that the gospels were written, but that's the only 'proof' relating to them. They were also highly redacted post facto, and contradictory ones expunged. But the gospels no more predicted events than Nostradamus did, you mad, delusional shithead!

In short, the only thing that is true about the gospels is that there are dysfunctional, ignorant and credulous fools like you, powells4fam, who will suspend all critical judgement and 'believe' them. In short, you are completely incapable of critical thinking, and pretend to believe that your anthropomorphic god and made-up nonsensical religion are anything other than complete fiction.

It's about time you learned to face objective reality.

Halleweeja, you fuckwit.

The Merchant of Menace said...

As for your risible claim that 'Jesus was proven to have been a real person by historians a long time ago.', there is not a single scintilla of credible evidence that any such person as you refer to ever existed, and no historian with any personal integrity or capable of any academic rigour has said otherwise.

As for your references to the 'bible'(sic), the only truth that it is in that complete work of fiction is that it is just that - fiction - unless, of course, you can produce a single scintilla of credible empirical evidence that this entity you call 'God' exists anywhere other than the diseased imagination of people like yourself.

As for your spurious claim that '[I] said that [I] never read the bible so that instantly makes [my] statement false and [my] arguement invalid since [I] judge something when [I] clearly know absolutley nothing about it.' - that is just another pathetic example of you distorting facts to make your untenable case that your delusional beliefs are based in objective reality, for I have never made such a claim anywhere. Indeed, I have read the Bible extensively and enjoyed it for the fairy-tale that it is, though not quite so much as The Lord of the Rings, which beats it hands down on all counts.

Your complete divorce from objective reality is confirmed, yet again, by your insistence that the Pope has the backing of 'the gospels', but since they are works of complete fiction (see my comment above), you might as well say that he bears the imprimatur of Cthulhu or The Flying Spaghetti Monster. In short, he is either another delusion psychotic, like yourself, or a manipulative sociopath who is exploiting credulous buffoons like you.

Oh, and here's another empirical fact for you which again exposes your 'retarded ignorance': the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth, which means that he took an oath to Adolph Hitler and swore to uphold the Nazi ideology. That made him a de facto Nazi - and you didn't have to be German to be one, dick-head.

As for your claim that I am a troll - once again you expose your complete ignorance, because this is my blog and you are the one who has chosen to visit it in order to post your highly offensive and deeply ignorant comments.

If it didn't give me so much amusement dealing with dysfunctional and ignorant buffoons like you, I would suggest that you fuck off back under the slimy stone from whence you first appeared. Guffaw!