Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Religious Fascist Speaks Out In Defence Of Superstition (And Denies Women The Right To Choose)!

This right-wing manipulative fascist is none other than the senior Roman Catholic in Scotland, Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, who maintains that it is not a woman's right to decide whether she wants an abortion and that those who choose to have one are evil.

Not content with his misogynistic abuse, he has turned now on politicians in the hope of having the law allowing abortions to be repealed. In a vile sermon marking 40 years since the Abortion Act was passed, Cardinal O'Brien urged his congregation not to vote for politicians who do not speak out against abortion. What's more, this psychologically dysfunctional martinet and manipulative delusional psychotic has resorted to that age-old sanction of religious fascists (a tautology, surely) by threatening to deny pro-choice politicians from taking part in the sympathetic magic rite and nonsense known as communion in his irrational faith.

Apparently O'Brien is frustrated by the marginalisation of his so-called 'Christian values' in public affairs, and is clearly unaware of the fact that the latest UK National Statistics report ( 2002 online edition) shows that 39.5% of the population of this small isle consider that they have no religion, whilst only 9.2% claim to be Roman Catholic. Incidentally, the report also points out that half of all adults aged 18 or over have never attended a religious ceremony, so O'Brien is trying to enforce his irrational, superstition-based, pathological and minority views on the majority of the population of the UK.

How typical of manipulative religious fascists everywhere.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Religion Is Mumbo-Jumbo!

Anyone who doubts that religion is superstitious mumbo-jumbo need only look at today's media coverage of the Pope blessing a photograph of the abducted 3 year-old, Madeleine McCann, whilst her arrogant and supposedly doting parents who had abandoned her to her fate kissed the Papal ring and looked on as if witnessing a miracle.

Gerry McCann, who still refuses to accept any criticism for abandoning his 3 toddlers in an unlocked holiday apartment whilst he and his wife went out socialising in a tapas bar for the evening, said after the blessing that meeting the Pope would have been the highlight of his family's lives if it had happened under other circumstances; pathetic bastard.

Strangely enough, Il Papa hasn't bothered to bless any of the photographs of the 9 other children who have gone missing mysteriously in Portugal recently - even though their parents did not abrogate their responsibilities to them, unlike the McCanns - and neither did he utter so much as a word on the fate of the thousands of other children who have gone missing during last week's International Missing Childrens' Day; fucking hypocrite that he is.

Still, now that Il Papa has muttered some mumbo-jumbo in Latin over little Maddie's picture, I'm sure the McCanns believe that their 'god' will intervene and deliver her safely back into their arms. If so, perhaps they will have grace to apologise to her for failing to look after her properly in the first place, but I doubt it somehow, given the arrogance that they have demonstrated up to now.

I also wonder if it has crossed the superstitious minds of the McCanns that since their 'god' is allegedly omnipotent, 'he' was the one directly responsible for little Maddie's abduction? If so, then in their pathetic little minds they are right to ask 'him' for her back, but wouldn't it have been so much easier if they had fulfilled their responsibilities as parents towards her in the first place?

Funny, too, how the McCanns said only last week that they never now let their remaining 2 toddlers out of their sight, "even for an instant", but that they can swan off to Rome without them, and are now planning a European tour, in absentia, as it were. Is everything they say is a pack of lies? Or have they only now employed child-care because someone else is paying for it?

One thing is absolutely clear: if the McCanns had acted responsibly as parents in the first place, Madeleine would not have been abducted from her bed whilst they were out socialising with friends.

But, hey, if the McCanns had of been the sort of people who were able to take responsibility for their own actions, they would have overthrown the shackles of their ignorant and superstitious religious faith many years ago. But that's dysfunctional personalities for you; unable to face the truth, even when they have endured a rigorous scientific training, as they both have.

Such is the power of mumbo-jumbo.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not News, Just Another Sex-Pervert Priest

According to the BBC, Father Jeremiah McGrath, 63, gave more than £20,000 to convicted child rapist William Adams, who spent the cash on a 12-year-old girl from Liverpool. Fr McGrath has now been convicted of facilitating a child sex offence, and I hope he faces a lengthy term of imprisonment, though somehow I doubt it. McGrath will be sentenced alongside 38-year-old Adams - originally from the Belfast area but latterly of Bootle, Merseyside - who has admitted raping the girl repeatedly over a six-month period in 2005.

McGrath wore his dog collar throughout the trial, and insisted he had no idea that Adams was abusing the girl whilst claiming that the cash transfers were linked to his gambling habit. Previously in the trial, McGrath had implied that he had had an inappropriate sexual relationship with Adams, but there is no truth in any suggestion that he paid the money to stop Adams from exposing his dirty little secrets, even though he acknowledged that he had "done things that the Catholic Church would not approve of"! What McGrath failed to point out is that his Church is adept in covering-up sexual abuse by its clergy, and has only changed its attitude due to the growing opprobrium of the greater society in which it belongs.

As for McGrath, should he be sent to prison, he'll be able to get his rectum reamed regularly without fear of being blackmailed.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Allah knows best, NOT!

Thanks to the Islamic morons who claim to be the interpreters of "god's will" - whoever 'god' is supposed to be - the Pakistani Tourism Minister was forced to resign recently after hardline Islamic clerics accused her of obscenity for hugging her instructor after a charity parachute jump.

But if you should think THAT is just a piece of stupidity on the part of the Imams, consider this: according to The Times, last month the Pakistani cleric Maulana Fazal Ullah pronounced a fatwa against polio vaccinations, causing some 4,000 children to go without them. He argued they were a Western plot to cause infertility.

Actually, the REAL Western plot is to maintain and enforce Islam on these credulously ignorant and psychologically dysfunctional misanthropic anally-retentive control-freaks, since it keeps them in the dark ages where they truly belong rather than in the modern world.

Now I suppose some Islamic nutter (with apologies for the oxymoron) will want to utter some fatwa on me for daring to criticise them - either that or commit another cowardly act of mass-atrocity in the name of their fucking religion, whilst their fat Imams sit on their well-upholstered arses blathering on about "god's will" and the 72 virgins that await these 'heroes'.

Shitheads, all of them!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First, the Good News...

...that the despicable human-being, Jerry Falwell, is dead.

And now for the Bad News...

...his death will not enlighten him to the fact that his 'god', 'heaven' and all that other irrational crap he spent his lifetime claiming to believe in is just totally bunkum.

Still, the death of one of the most influential bigots in America is worth celebrating for it's own sake.

Ha, fucking ha!