Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Religious Fascist Speaks Out In Defence Of Superstition (And Denies Women The Right To Choose)!

This right-wing manipulative fascist is none other than the senior Roman Catholic in Scotland, Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, who maintains that it is not a woman's right to decide whether she wants an abortion and that those who choose to have one are evil.

Not content with his misogynistic abuse, he has turned now on politicians in the hope of having the law allowing abortions to be repealed. In a vile sermon marking 40 years since the Abortion Act was passed, Cardinal O'Brien urged his congregation not to vote for politicians who do not speak out against abortion. What's more, this psychologically dysfunctional martinet and manipulative delusional psychotic has resorted to that age-old sanction of religious fascists (a tautology, surely) by threatening to deny pro-choice politicians from taking part in the sympathetic magic rite and nonsense known as communion in his irrational faith.

Apparently O'Brien is frustrated by the marginalisation of his so-called 'Christian values' in public affairs, and is clearly unaware of the fact that the latest UK National Statistics report ( 2002 online edition) shows that 39.5% of the population of this small isle consider that they have no religion, whilst only 9.2% claim to be Roman Catholic. Incidentally, the report also points out that half of all adults aged 18 or over have never attended a religious ceremony, so O'Brien is trying to enforce his irrational, superstition-based, pathological and minority views on the majority of the population of the UK.

How typical of manipulative religious fascists everywhere.


Papalazarou said...

Notwithstanding the fact that the content is vile I am actually very pleased that he has spoken out. If only more rligious authority figures would proclaim their true beliefs publicly perhaps that 39.5% would grow to 93.5%. Of late the supernaturalist fascists of every stripe have kept the filthir sides of their doctrines and dogmas firmly under wraps so that they could appear to be warm cuddly loving organisations. Bravo for the truth coming out!

The Merchant of Menace said...

Best of all is fact that O'Brien said that supporters of the Abortion Bill, as it then was, lied and misdirected people with the claims they made about it - he should know, being an expert at lying to people, or perhaps he wants us to believe that he is the only person in the world who actually has credible proof that his 'god' exists, lol.

Alan Mackenzie said...

I loved the picture! Apart from your writing, which is excellent, I always laugh at the pictures you put in your articles. Stuff like "liar.jpg", "homophobe.jpg" is hilarious.