Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Religion Is Mumbo-Jumbo!

Anyone who doubts that religion is superstitious mumbo-jumbo need only look at today's media coverage of the Pope blessing a photograph of the abducted 3 year-old, Madeleine McCann, whilst her arrogant and supposedly doting parents who had abandoned her to her fate kissed the Papal ring and looked on as if witnessing a miracle.

Gerry McCann, who still refuses to accept any criticism for abandoning his 3 toddlers in an unlocked holiday apartment whilst he and his wife went out socialising in a tapas bar for the evening, said after the blessing that meeting the Pope would have been the highlight of his family's lives if it had happened under other circumstances; pathetic bastard.

Strangely enough, Il Papa hasn't bothered to bless any of the photographs of the 9 other children who have gone missing mysteriously in Portugal recently - even though their parents did not abrogate their responsibilities to them, unlike the McCanns - and neither did he utter so much as a word on the fate of the thousands of other children who have gone missing during last week's International Missing Childrens' Day; fucking hypocrite that he is.

Still, now that Il Papa has muttered some mumbo-jumbo in Latin over little Maddie's picture, I'm sure the McCanns believe that their 'god' will intervene and deliver her safely back into their arms. If so, perhaps they will have grace to apologise to her for failing to look after her properly in the first place, but I doubt it somehow, given the arrogance that they have demonstrated up to now.

I also wonder if it has crossed the superstitious minds of the McCanns that since their 'god' is allegedly omnipotent, 'he' was the one directly responsible for little Maddie's abduction? If so, then in their pathetic little minds they are right to ask 'him' for her back, but wouldn't it have been so much easier if they had fulfilled their responsibilities as parents towards her in the first place?

Funny, too, how the McCanns said only last week that they never now let their remaining 2 toddlers out of their sight, "even for an instant", but that they can swan off to Rome without them, and are now planning a European tour, in absentia, as it were. Is everything they say is a pack of lies? Or have they only now employed child-care because someone else is paying for it?

One thing is absolutely clear: if the McCanns had acted responsibly as parents in the first place, Madeleine would not have been abducted from her bed whilst they were out socialising with friends.

But, hey, if the McCanns had of been the sort of people who were able to take responsibility for their own actions, they would have overthrown the shackles of their ignorant and superstitious religious faith many years ago. But that's dysfunctional personalities for you; unable to face the truth, even when they have endured a rigorous scientific training, as they both have.

Such is the power of mumbo-jumbo.


beepbeepitsme said...

I'm with you about religion being "mumbo jumbo."

Or a polite way to express it - it is "wish thinking."

audrey said...

It's funny (funny=weird, not funny=ha ha) how religionists will attribute all good things to their god, but insist that all of the bad things are not its fault.

By their own definitions, the xian god would have to be responsible for everything - good or bad -- period.

Which is why, when I am asked "what will you do when you are proved wrong and you see god face-to-face?" I respond, "well, then I'll admit I was wrong, but there's still no way I'll get on my knees and worship such a monstrous asshole."

The Merchant of Menace said...

Like your response, Audrey, but when faced with the same question I suggest to my interlocutor that they ask their psychotherapist to up their medication, since no one, apart from a psychotic, has even been able to find any credible evidence that this entity which they refer to as 'god' exists other than in their dysfunctional psyche.