Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's It All Worth?

The accumulation academic honours and a plethora of professional qualifications and accreditations is a complete irrelevance. Life has no more intrinsic meaning today than it had some 90 years ago when I first uttered breath. As for the dubious pleasure of being able to inscribe MA MSc MB ChB MBA PhD DPhil after one's name, not to mention one's professional memberships, amounts to risibility. For anyone who thinks that these qualifications actually mean very much at all has lost the plot before the play has even started. Particularly when one meets Xtians who declaim that...
From the Christian view, a soul comes into being at the moment of conception. A single fertilized egg cell, if it divides into two cells, can be said to have had a soul. (accredited to Tad Pacholczyk of the National Catholic Bioethics Center(sic) here.)
What's the point of an education when one meets psychopathological morons like Ted?

One might as well have left school at 12 and become an illiterate serf.

Hello Ted?


Alan Mackenzie said...

Pacholczyk: The wanker who cannot wank for risk of "murdering" potential Catholics.

Papalazarou said...

... but what if it's the sperm of the devil? Oh no, a theological dilemma! Good job he's got all those bits of paper then.

Alan Mackenzie said...

I saw this article in the Daily Torygraph today. I considered writing an article on it, but I changed my mind, since it's a flood of crap.

Perhaps you might be willing to cover it on your site, since religious lunatics are your specialty ;>)


The Merchant of Menace said...

^ Re previous post - thanks for the tip. Job done!