Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why Do You Hate 'God'?

A young acquaintance of mine, by name Alan Mackenzie, writes a superior blog entitled Rank Atheism, which can be found here.

Now whilst Alan admits to being an agnostic atheist, he is fair to a fault, and all that I have ever observed him require of theists is that they provide credible empiric evidence that the entity which they refer to as 'God' exists outwith the realms of their own subjectivity.

Not unsurprisingly, perhaps, is the fact that no one has ever satisfied Alan's fair and honest request to provide credible evidence of 'God's objective existence. Suffice to say that those who have responded have failed singularly to provide any evidence whatsoever that 'God' exists outside the subjectivity of their own cognitions. In the final analysis they seem to feel that simply because other dysfunctional personalities share their particular psychopathology and need to believe in 'God', that fact alone is sufficient 'proof' that 'He' does indeed exist in the realms of objectivity; what's more, they suggest that the mere fact that Alan is not prepared to accede to their vacuous nonsense is due to some dark ulterior motive of his own.

But, at last, someone has discovered Alan's dark secret and his game is up, as it were, for it seems that his position is solely motivated by his hatred of 'God'. Or so his accuser, River Cocytus, has it, combining the ultimate non sequitur and ad hominen in the one completely spurious and totally invalid accusation.

If that accusation is true, all I can say is that I am deeply shocked at you, Alan. Up until now I had laboured under the misapprehension that you were an agnostic atheist simply because you were a man of integrity and principle, and as such you had been unable to discover any credible proof that 'God' existed outwith the delusions of psychotics and the mendacity of duplicitous charlatans and manipulatives. But now I am told that your motives are much baser than theirs: apparently you really know that 'God' exists, and that your refusal to acknowledge 'Him' is due simply to your hatred for his failing your pathetic little dreams and illusions in some way. How sad is that!

NB: For the avoidance of doubt, let me make it clear to the dumbos out there that Alan is perfectly capable all by himself of answering the risible accusation that he hates 'God' . However, since that accusation is one which is regularly thrown in the face of atheists by dysfunctional theists (a tautology, I know), I thought it worth highlighting here.

BTW, I don't hate 'God' either, any more than I hate Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Cthulhu, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any of the other 199,367,401 or so fanciful inventions that the human mind has subjectively credited with existence over the past couple of millennia.


Alan Mackenzie said...
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Alan Mackenzie said...
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