Sunday, July 15, 2007

It wasn't me, just the other perverts in my church!

According to the BBC today, Catholic Church in Los Angeles has reached a financial deal amounting to some US$660 million with more than 500 people alleging sexual abuse by priests, the plaintiffs' lawyer says.

This is the biggest compensation payment the Church has made since the sexual abuse scandal erupted in 2002. It would take the total paid out by the Church in the US to $2bn since 1950, with the LA diocese paying about one quarter of that. Note the 'since ' and its implication: most of the $2bn that has been paid out for sexual abuse by priests was done before 'the sexual abuse scandal erupted in 2002', and demonstrates the extent to which the Roman Catholic Churche has tried to cover-up for their perverted clerics in the past.

As Cardinal Roger Mahony 'Complete-Phoney' admitted in a recent letter to parishioners, the Church would be selling an administrative building and was considering the sale of about 50 other Church properties to raise funds for settlement. But the Cardinal remained noticeably silent about the fate of the perverted priestly perpetrators in his diocese, though I'm willing to bet that none of them have ever been prosecuted and sent to jail for their sexual abuse of people in their care - the evil, manipulative bastards!

The scale of the problem was indicated in a report commissioned in February 2004 by the Church wherein it acknowledged that more than 4,000 Roman Catholic priests in the US had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years.

Not content with being 'mind-fuckers', it seems that large numbers of Catholic priests want to be 'body-fuckers' too. So here's my suggestion to deal with their problem: instead of trusting their vow of celibacy, just castrate all the bastards who are in the priesthood!

Oh, final thought for all those so-called Xtian apologists out there: even without a vow of celibacy clerics are not allowed to sexually abuse those who are in their care, but then those of us who do not get our morality out of the Bible already know that.


Papalazarou said...

even if his hands are clean - one does have to wonder about the rest of his anatomy - and what passes for his mind

Alan Mackenzie said...

This religious bigot turned down a short listed job candidate because he did not uphold the Church of England's supposed requirement that employees must be in wedlock - in other words because he is a sodomite.

In other news, a person describing themselves as concerned citizen left the following comment on my site this afternoon:

Don't be shy? OK I love the artwork, especially. the other stuff has been all said before & in less words.

Nice to hear that my site is a haven of wordy and well-worn "stuff".

I responded thus:

Hope I don't bore my readers to death... nonetheless, myths and misconceptions about atheism and atheists are worth refuting, especially when I see religious theists being aware of atheist positions, but ignoring or misrepresenting them.

Alan Mackenzie said...

Merchant, you appear silent on the matter of atheism? Reply.

Revenant said...

This isn't fair! I want a million bucks for NOT being raised a catholic and being allowed to be raped by a priest! Can I sign up now and get some cash anyway?