Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Archbishop Archbuffoon Chimoio

Here he is in all his glory. Archbishop Francisco Chimoio of Mozambique who has recently added to his collection of quotable risibilities by claiming that he believes some European-made condoms are infected with HIV deliberately. He also went on to claim that some anti-retroviral drugs were also infected "in order to finish quickly the African people", according to the BBC.

According to Frankie-boy here, abstention, not condoms, is the best way to fight HIV/Aids., despite the fact that it is estimated that 16.2% of Mozambique's 19m inhabitants are HIV positive, and that about 500 people are infected every day. Nothing like ignoring the facts then, but don't be surprised, this buffoon is a Roman Catholic Archbishop after all.

Despite his claims that he knows, "...that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose" , he eschewed the opportunity to name them or provide even a scintilla of evidence to support his ignorant, bigoted and racist opinions, which culminated with this offensive slur:
"They want to finish with the African people. This is the programme. They want to colonise until up to now. If we are not careful we will finish in one century's time."
As far as I'm concerned, Archbishop Francisco should be finished right now, as he is nothing other than a vile, ignorant piece of ordure.


audrey said...

Using religious "values" to undermine health practises is vile. The AIDS problem is much more complex than that.

But, I'm not surprised. The religious often try to explain science, health and anything else they don't understand (hm... would that be everything?) with their so-called holy-books.

As far as I'm concerned, the only good holy-books are the ones printed on that very fine, thin paper. Those don't scratch when I wipe. ;-)

The Merchant of Menace said...

Not only is Chimoio an ignorant religious bigot, he is a duplicitous and mendacious racist who delights in keeping his own people steeped in ignorance and superstion whilst living 'high off the hog' at their expense.