Sunday, September 23, 2007

Archbishop Buffoon Speaks Truth - Well, Almost.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, had the temerity to speak out recently whilst addressing a key gathering of 159 American bishops in New Orleans. It is reported that the Archbishop insisted: "I do not assume that homosexual inclination is a disease," which is awfully generous and open-minded of him, as I'm sure you will all agree. However, what was not reported was the ineluctable fact that homosexuality has not been considered a disease by clear-thinking people long before the American Psychiatric Association admitted as much when they rewrote their 'Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' (the 'DSM') a number of years ago.

Interestingly enough, Dr Williams ignored the fact that anyone who cares to read the 'DSM' may be surprised to find that the diagnosis of delusional psychosis - which is still recognised as being a mental disorder, or 'disease' in the eyes of the church - is completely in indistinguishable from the completely irrational delusional beliefs that theists such as himself claim to adhere to and share with each other.

Isn't it only a pity that Rowan Williams didn't have the courage to tell his audience the whole truth: that it is theists who are 'diseased', not homosexuals - unless, of course, they are are also theists!

And why is it that every time I see a reference to the Archbishop of Canterbury the name of that other great clown, and near namesake, Rowan Atkinson, comes to mind?

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