Saturday, September 08, 2007

Here's how much I care.

Recently a churlish and rather ignorant person of religious persuasion had the temerity to upbraid me for taking the psychologically dysfunctional to task who claim to 'believe' in a mythical entity they like to call 'God'. As he said, "You wouldn't treat your mental patients the way you do theists." And he's correct; I'd dose them all with risperidone, since there is fundamentally no difference between a delusional psychopath and a genuine religious believer. In other words, I don't give a toss for the ridiculous mumbo-jumbo you and your kind like to pass-off as faith, as can be seen from the attached screenshot (in case the point is lost on all you drongoes out there, the needle hasn't moved of its rest).

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Revenant said...

Rotfl, where did you find that "give a fuck-o-meter?" that's fucking priceless!