Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Lying Priest

This piece of vile ordure is none other than the Roman Catholic priest, Father Christian Von Wernich, who has just been convicted in Argentina of participating in 7 murders, 42 abductions and 31 cases of torture.

According to the BBC, Von Wernich claimed that all his accusers were influenced by the devil because he said:
"False testimony is of the devil, because he is responsible for malice and is the father of evil and lies."

Well, he should know, since both he, and his master in Rome, have spent their entire lifetimes lying to people about the existence of their imaginary 'god'.

Still, taking part in murder, abductions and torture - not to mention breaching the confidences of the confessional - is going just a little too far, don't you think?

It's only a pity that the same fate which he visited on others doesn't await Von Wernich, but no doubt the Catholic church is doing all it can behind the scenes to ensure that he is treated far more leniently than his victims.

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Revenant said...

Perfect case for the Death Penalty.