Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Archbuffoon of Durovernum Ponders

There's an interesting, though not surprising, exposé in The Sunday Telegraph today confirming that child abuse has gone unchecked in the Church of England for decades amid a cover up by bishops.

According to that newspaper, information that could have prevented abuse has been "lost or damaged", concerns about individuals have been ignored and allegations have not been recorded. It means that the Church has no idea how many paedophiles are in its midst.

Lawyers warned last night that the Church faces a crisis as catastrophic as the one that engulfed the Roman Catholic Church and cost it millions of pounds in damages.

Richard Scorer, a solicitor who has specialised in child abuse cases, said that the Church of England's mistakes amounted to "an appalling, shocking level of negligence" that is likely to leave it open to claims from victims who have been too afraid to speak out in the past. The Church is to launch an urgent investigation on an unprecedented scale.

Nevertheless, the church proved once again that it is willing to ignore completely the evidence under it's collective noses when a spokesman claimed: "We would hope that in the majority of cases things have been dealt with, but we are realistic enough to admit that mistakes have been made and there may still be some risk attached to those cases."

Needless to say, the Archbuffoon of Durovernum has decided that he can no longer ignore the most egregious behaviour of his colleagues and has concluded that it is time to put up an appearance of doing something about it. Consequently, he said:
"Every parish has got to have a child protection policy and it needs to work properly."
Though if Williams was really serious about initiating a 'child protection policy' he would stop indoctrinating children with his delusional psychopathological beliefs that his so-called 'god' actually exists, but the chances of that happening are as likely as him rooting out all the 'sickos' in his church.

Not only is there no 'god' but there appears to be little morality in the church.

What a surprise.

But, hey, let's not pre-judge the issue; let's wait for the cover-up and whitewash report in a couple or so years time.

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papalazarou said...

As is always the case with the mechanics of "organised religion", and it has this in common with "organised crime", first responses when caught red handed are of the "what me guv?" variety.

Self regulation by an organised body of delusionals is unlikely to stamp out practices that are immanent to the very fabric of such "churches" and should anyone doubt that he has only to look at the appalling record that these sick people have assembled. It is, in fact ,difficult to imagine any other supposedly respectable organisations getting away with the levels of depravuty that these sick souls have visited upon generations of children. Once more we can see parallels with organised crime - very good at doing the evil that ir does and even better at covering it up or getting away with denying it.

If we can support a "war on terror". a "war on drugs", a "war on organised crime" (all of which appear to have had their genesis in the US, is it not about time we had a "war on child abusing, religious bigots"?

To allow (and in the UK at least to encourage) this organisation, and others like it, to continue indoctrinating and abusing our children and our feeble minded is unconscionable.