Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are you a kafir? I am.

I met a South African of Boer descent recently. He went on about what the 'kafirs' were doing to his (the Boer's) county. His attitude though offensive was outclassed by his ignorance, since there are many amongst us who use the word 'kafir' without being aware that it is more than an offensive word for a black person. Few seem to appreciate that the etymology of the word derives from the Arabic word 'kaafir', meaning 'one who is aware of the message of Islam but refuses to worship Allah' (Arabic: "Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala").

Naturally, the early Arab conquerors of much of Northern Africa were delighted that many of the indigenous black tribes refused to worship Allah, because that gave their conquerors the excuse to enslave them and sell them for profit, and all in the name of serving their rather peculiar so-called 'god'. Arguably, this was a 'good thing' from the enslaved's point of view, since the only other alternative available to their allegedly 'devout' Muslim conquerors was to execute them in some horribly painful way.

Better to be enslaved than dead, eh?

This is not to suggest that the title of 'slaver' should be restricted only to those of Semitic origin, since many of the sons of Ham were equally guilty of the charge in their own right, as were many of the rest of us, though these facts tends to be omitted by those who choose to claim that slavery was exclusively the product of white racism. Ha ha.

Nevertheless, this abuse of language does show how a word can be distorted to imply something other that its original meaning - at least to non Arabic speakers, since its original meaning still pertains to them - and is why I am pleased to acknowledge that I am proud to be called a kafir.

When I advised my South African interlocutor of this, he nearly choked on his beer and suddenly remembered an appointment he had to keep elsewhere - probably with the local chapter of the Neo-Nazis.


chuknik said...


I'm just poking my (big?) nose in to say...a long held quiet..."Hello" to you.
Yeah, it's "ChuckA" from GifS.
I think of you quite often; and miss your, always razor sharp, thoughts and wisdom.
For some reason; I got the bug up my arse, today, to search you out.
What! It's Sunday?...and I needed to visit The Church of Old Git?

My Mozilla Favs, by the way, resisted finding your Blog link; and I actually found you using Google. Strangely(?) the only bread crumb that lead me to you, was down the list a a GifS link from last Xmas' "Carnival of the Godless" editions; clicking on your name on one of those few remaining comments.

Anyvay, I've updated my Favs. So now I can bug you more regularly...? And I DO have a Google account, no less!
Kidding, of course.
So glad you're still active on the Web. I still haven't made the leap into having my own Music Teaching blog yet...What! My balls & penis shriveled up...more than usual?
If you feel like it; drop me an email [see the Google acct. username]; it'd be nice to be in contact with you, again.

My highest regards...and hope for the best of health to you and your wife.
As Shvartsenheimer(?) used to say...
"I'll be back"?
[Or maybe: "I'll be front(al)?"]
As usual...I don't know what the f*ck I'm talking about! :shock:
Be Well, my friend!

Sincerely (I lie!),

The Merchant of Menace said...


Good to hear your irreverent tones ringing through the vacuous space between my ears again. I've missed you, dear fellow, as you always gave me some amusement as well as something to think about. I'm off now to find your email link and pester you with more of my inane ramblings.

All the best, mon ami, and do check your mailbox.


The Merchant of Menace said...


I spoke too soon - when I clicked on your 'chuknik' pseudonym, Blogger tells me that you have not enabled public viewing of your profile, so your email addy is not available, I'm afraid.

Not to be outdone, here's how to effect contact - write to me at 'seannachieATbluebottleDOTcom' - without quotes and with the usual symbols in place of the capitalisations - and be prepared to verify yourself when Bluebottle asks you to so that your mail will be delivered to my Inbox.

Should that fail for any reason, let me know here please.


Revenant said...

Lol, our merry little band once again!

Howdy Chuck!