Friday, October 12, 2007

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

The churches here have been jumping on the latest bandwagon by telling us that it is our Xtian duty to cut our carbon footprint and save the planet, which implies that:-

1. Atheists are under no obligation to curtail their customary activities and revert back to living in unheated hovels, walk everywhere and to refuse any of the embellishments of the 21st Century which make life more pleasant, comfortable, safer, healthier, or just downright entertaining and enjoyable.

2. That the efforts of man alone can 'save the planet' which means that the Xtian 'god' is unable to do so using his own endeavours - and if that is not evidence that their so-called 'god' is not omni-powerful, then I fail to see what is.

Nevertheless, the movement gathers apace, with the recent beatification of Al Gore for his fatally flawed propaganda movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' (which was graced recently by the luvvies in La-La land with an Oscar, despite the fact that a UK Judge has declared subsequently that it contains not one inconveninet LIE, but ELEVEN of them!) and his award today of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

And to think I had thought that the Nobel Committee had sunk to a new low when it awarded Doris Lessing the Literature Prize yesterday.

PS. The foregoing was written on the strength of the Judge's interim verdict, which did indeed specify eleven falsehoods, but subsequently he published his final verdict which refers to only NINE of them - one having been dropped entirely and two others combined into the one point. Still, to paraphrase my friend Revenant, who blogged on this issue, the number of scientific errors in Gore's film exceed the number that one would find in a (very) bad sci-fi movie. Indeed they do.

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