Monday, October 08, 2007

Loonie Rabbi Speaks Out Nonsense.

The figure on the left is non other than Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks is the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, and the words attributed to him are a fair rendition of the risible article he published in The Times recently.

Sacks seems to think that without the mystical and supernatural mumbo-jumbo that is religion that science, nay life, is arid, sterile and meaningless. Further, he opines that acts of artistic merit, human sacrifice and love are observable only in the human world as a result of us having a 'soul', and he quotes a number of examples to 'prove' his ridiculous contention - one of the most risible being that of Buddhist monks standing up to the junta in Burma (demonstrating that he is clearly unaware that Buddhists believe that we do not have a 'soul'). Undeterred, Sacks then declares that our possession of a 'soul' is directly attributable to this supernatural entity he calls 'god' having created us in 'His' image - no doubt whilst 'He' was busy creating the rest of 'His' creation.

What delusional nonsense.

I suggest that it is about time your medics up your dose of risperidone, Jonny-boy.

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