Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Really Goes On In The Heads Of Theists.

New breakthroughs in fMRI technology have allowed neuro-psychologists to study the brains of theists and to determine what goes on in them in amazing detail. As Professor Aaron T. Zuckerman, Head of Neuroscience at Beth-Immelman University, Haifa, says, "These images are absolutely astounding, and give us an accurate picture of the cognitive functioning of theists for the first time ever, and confirms what we have heretofore simply surmised."

Those who wish to see an example of Professor Zuckeman's findings can see an animated clip of the inter-cranial neuro-functioning of a devout 'god' believer here , which the Professor assures me is absolutely typical.

Apparently, the white areas represent theists' vacuity and the moving black object is that of their idée fixe that there is a supernatural sky-daddy who created their otherwise empty and meaningless little lives.

Sad bastards.

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Revenant said...

Lol, you had me going for a second there.