Friday, November 16, 2007

More Muslim Justice Misogyny

The BBC have reported yet another example of Muslim justice - well, you wouldn't expect them to call it misogyny, would you? I mean, it might result in the Saudis withdrawing their lucrative contracts for billions of pounds and our mealy-mouthed government branding the BBC's actions as being 'against the national interest [to criticise anything the Saudis do]. Nevertheless, the report not only demonstrates the misogyny at the heart of Islam, but also the real division between the Sunnis and the Shias - remember that the latter are the minority in Saudi.

Admittedly I don't have all the facts of the case, but then these are not relevant under Shari'a law - especially when it involves a woman victim. Nevertheless, the main issues seem quite clear:
  • A young Shia woman was gang-raped 14 times by 7 Sunni men.
  • The woman complained to the authorities and the court imposed 90 lashes on her for being in the car of one of the men.
  • The men faced the death penalty for the rape, but were given lenient jail-sentences.
  • The woman appealed against her sentence.
  • The court then more than doubled her lashes to 200 AND imposed a 6 month jail term on her for daring to complain to the press about her original barbaric punishment.
  • Admittedly the court also doubled the prison terms of her rapists, but even it has still been extremely lenient when the mandated penalty according to the fiqh (the rules of Islamic jurisprudence) is death - and remember that the fiqh is derived from the 'inerrant words of Allah' as allegedly set-out in the Qur'an.
Still, I suppose the young woman considers herself very lucky that the court didn't impose lapidation on her.

Note: actually lapidation isn't all bad - if you're not on the receiving end of it, that is. According to a geologist friend of mine, that's how oil was first discovered in Arabia - the men were scrabbling around in the sand looking for rocks to throw at their women-folk when one lucky misogynist by the name of Saud put his hand in something black and oozing, and lo! the Kingdom of Saud ensued.

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