Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Archbishop Archbuffoon Bleats

The lying buffoon pictured in none other that the Archbishop Archbuffoon of Wales Sheep-shaggers, Dr Barry Morgan, who, according to the BBC, has been bleating on behalf of his flock of sheep that what he calls "atheistic fundamentalism" is exposing his faith delusional psychosis for the complete irrational madness that it undoubtedly is.

What Bazza the Buffoon is complaining about is that he claims that athiests advocate: ''
...that religion in general and Christianity in particular have no substance, and that some view the faith as "superstitious nonsense".
But it IS superstition, you moronic, delusional buffoon - unless you can actually provide some credible empiric evidence that this so-called 'god' you bleat on about exists, but then you can't, and neither can any of your kind. In short, you are a complete fraud, and a sanctimonious one at that.

Bazza Morgan also moans that:
"[Fundamentalism] leads to the language of expulsion and exclusivity, of extremism and polarisation, and the claim that, because God is on our side, he is not on yours."
But here's some news for you, you Bonzo, Bazza - atheists do not believe in this 'God' you keep banging on about, therefore, your implication that 'atheist fundamentalism' is synonymous with religious fundamentalism' is a piece of arrant nonsense - but then one would expect no less from a man who has made it his life's work to live as a charlatan, mountebank, and complete fraud. Or perhaps you wish to maintain that you actually believe all that irrational, unsubstantiated mumbo-jumbo that you claim to believe in, in which case you are a simple delusional psychotic in desperate need of sectioning under the Mental health Act and some effective anti-psychotic medication.

Some more examples of Bazza's complete irrationality: are demonstrated by his pronouncements:-
  • God is not exclusive, he is on the side of the whole of humanity with all its variety. (So 'God' is on the side of atheists and Muslim suicide-bombers, is he then Barry?)
  • [It is] perfectly natural to have a coherent and rational debate about the tenets of the Christianity. (My 'God', you can't even speak 'proppa' English, you Drongo - the definite article 'the' is completely unneccessary in that phrase of yours - but I do agree that it is possible for sane people to have a coherent and rational debate about the mental illness known as 'Christianity')
  • Virulent, almost irrational attacks on [Christianity are] dangerous because they refused to allow any contrary viewpoint and also affected the public perception of religion.(The only 'irrationality' in evidence here is your religious faith, and the only 'danger' is that pointing that out simply encourages those in society less-capable of critical though and who are normally preyed upon by manipulative clerics like yourself to see religion in its true light - manipulative delusion, the sole purpose of which is social control for the benefit of those who wish to impose it on the rest of us.)
In short, you are simply another duplicitous cleric who is bleating because you are losing your power and prestige as society at large becomes wise to the fact that the whole religious edifice is a complete and utterly unsubstantiated sham, and people like you are nothing other than cheap mountebanks selling snake-oil at some fairground side-show.

But go on, prove me wrong, Bazza - produce credible objective evidence (a) that this 'God' of your exists, (b) ditto for this person you refer to as 'Christ' ever existed, (c) ditto that (b) was the son whilst being the same as (a), and that (a) (b) and (c) created the cosmos and everything in it.

Oh, and whilst you're at it, prove that you're not mentally ill.

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