Friday, December 21, 2007

Are All Americans Mad?

Since it seems that one has to be some sort of religious lunatic in order to stand a chance of being elected to the office of President of the United States, the question asked in the title is a fair one: Are All Americans Mad?

The buffoon pictured, for example, is none other than Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas and Presidential candidate who is, to us on this side of the pond, just another delusional psychotic fundie Southern Baptist minister from the town of Ignorance (though the locals refer to it as 'Hope'), Arkansas.

Naturally, 'The Huckster' is well-qualified to be President, with a batchelor's degree(magna cum laude) in religion from that impressive seat of learning, Ouachita Baptist University, though, subsequently, he did have to leave the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary after only a year of further attempted study.

Recently, 'The Huckster' took part in a TV debate in the US (see the clip here) where he had to defend himself on his stance regarding evolution. Some of Huckabee's responses were as follows (and note how they conform strictly to the pattern adopted by religious fraudsters and delusional psychopaths):-
  • "God created the heavens and the earth."
  • "Either you believe that God created the process or it was an accident and that it all happened on its own."
  • "How God did it I don't know because I wasn't there."
  • "We're all the unique creations of God who knows us and loves us and who created us for his own purpose."
  • "But you know, if anyone wants to believe that they are the descendants of a primate they are certainly welcome to do it. I don't know how far they will march that back."
Now, whilst one just might be prepared to vote for a candidate for the Presidency who did not believe in evolution but credited his invented 'God' with having created everything, except itself, one would at least expect Huckabee to know that he is, de facto, the descendant of primates, for not only is he one, but so are his mother and father and all their antecedents right back to the earliest hominids!

So, it looks like 'the greatest nation on earth' is on track to get yet another irrational, non-scientific, ignorant, delusional, superstitious Xtian fundie to take it down the road to the oblivion that it so justly deserves - let's just hope that it doesn't drag the rest of us along with it.

And in answer to the opening question: a resounding "YES" to all of them who vote for fuckwits and manipulative swindlers like 'The Huckster'.


Sherwould said...

Not all of us are nuts. Actually, there is an ever growing number of Americans who are fed up with all this superstitious nonsense. I think you'll see a push-back - accompanied by much deserved (though vigorously denounced) derision.

At least let's hope so!

The Merchant of Menace said...

So do I, Bob, and I wish you good luck.