Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christian Apologist Speaks Bleats

According to the BBC today, the Tory MP for Wrekin, Mark Pritchard (pictured) has called for a debate in parliament on Wednesday to protest about what he calls 'Christianophobia', or the marginalising of what he calls "the Christian tradition of this nation".

Perhaps Mr. P isn't aware of the latest research which indicates that only 20% of the population of these Isles attend a religious service in a church 'once a year or more'.

He continues his bleatings with this:
"If mainstream political parties do not recognise and protect the Christian tradition of this nation then other more extremist parties will.

If that happens, we are in danger of Christianity being hijacked by these ambitions."

However, Pritchard fails to address the real issue, viz: Why should we protect "the Christian tradition" per se?

Indeed, why should we protect ANY religion?

The only attempt that Pritchard makes to defend his position as far as I can see is the old canard:
"Freedom of speech and of religion are fundamental principles of any liberal democracy".
Naturally Pritchard conveniently ignores the fact that those of a religious persuasion DO have freedom to pursue their faith, but there is NO good reason why they should be allowed to impose their delusional psychopathology on those who do not share their psychotic behaviour.

But Pritchard hasn't finished with his silly little sqealings, for he concludes:
"Some people seem to want to forget the Christian tradition going back to the first century and its contribution to arts, culture and science.

It's gone far enough. If there are those who want to see the Christian church reduced to the margins in this nation they should have the courage to say so, rather than using the rights of other religions as an excuse."

Perhaps he would care to advise me exactly what contributions the Christian church qua the Christian church has made to science, since I cannot think of a single one - and whilst he's answering that point, perhaps he'd also like to mention which version of the "Christian church" he has in mind when he refers to it as such.

As for the "Christian traditions" let us not forget that much of the abominations we visited on other tribes/nations/races/countries was a direct result of those so-called 'Christian traditions' - why, even our quondam leader, Tony B-liar, consulted the Christian 'God' before undertaking his illegal and murderous invasion of Iraq in our name - so I see NO reason why we should vaunt the delusional psychopathy that is religion in our public life.

And another thing: I do not need to use "the rights of other religions as an excuse [for attacking Christianity]", because I recognise that ALL religions are simply a form of delusional psychosis. However, providing these unfortunate, mentally ill theists keep their insecurities to themselves, all is well and good - the problem comes when morons like Pritchard want to visit their delusional faith on the rest of us.

I hope he loses his debate, but I bet our politicians are too pusillanimous to stand up and ridicule him and the "Christian tradition" he wants to foist onto the 80% of us who do share his faith.


papalazarou said...

There is something odd going on here:

Mark Pritchard MP - the doubling of the initials MP is suspicious (is he a plant?) especially as in this case it doubtless denotes Mental Pygmy.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Undoubtedly he is a mental pygmy, but don't forget that being a theist needn't mean being intellectually challenged, though they often are, but being a theist does mean being psychologically challenged, by definition.

papalazarou said...

Moronic Paranoiac?

The Merchant of Menace said...

Manipulative Psychotic

papalazarou said...

Mendacious Prick?

The Merchant of Menace said...

Mealy-mouthed Ponce?