Monday, December 17, 2007

Does God Cause Global Warming?

So, according to this report, scientists from 113 countries issued a landmark report in February saying they have little doubt global warming is caused by man. However, there are those, not least the devout Xtians amongst us who proclaim that these scientists are wrong, since the Xtians argue that their 'God' made everything which, by definition, includes global warming. After all, there is evidence to show that the Xtians are correct and that the scientists are wrong. How else could the 4 major ice ages that the planet we call 'Earth' has endured and which passed be explained if it was not due to" God's Global Warming"? And then we come to the warming which brought to an end the Little Ice Age (1500-1850).

As the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica' has it:
"The mean solar activity was quite low [during this period], but positive fluctuations occurred around 1540–90 and 1770–1800. The main westerly storm belts shifted about 500 kilometres to the south, and for much of the time the northern latitudes came under cool continental conditions. Observed temperature series in Europe from Paris to Leningrad show large fluctuations until 1850.

Glacier advances are recorded in the Alps, in the Sierra Nevada, and in Alaska. Corresponding low sea levels are recorded by early tide gauge records in The Netherlands and Germany. Even in equatorial latitudes there are traces of mountain glacier advances (as in the Andes of Colombia)."Holocene Epoch. (2007). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library Edition:

Whilst I do not consider for a moment that this mythical entity that theists refer to as 'God' caused the global warming that brought these ice ages to and end, I am still waiting to be convinced by the scientists who claim that mankind is mainly responsible for our current state of affairs - and also how they explain the previous episodes of global warming since it is clear that mankind was not responsible for those.

I am also left wondering how many of those scientists are themselves theists, and what role they ascribe to their 'God' for the current situation.

As for our politicians - here in the UK at least it's quite clear that they have another agenda entirely, which I suspect is the social control much beloved by so-called 'socialists', and that they are using the spectre of global warming to further their own political ends. Evidence of this is far too voluminous to recount here,so a single example will have to suffice, though I'm sure, dear reader, that you can come up with a few more of your own:-
  • Why does the government not impose a ban on manufacturing, selling, or using internal combustion engined vehicles that can do more than, say, 56MPH (the speed at which most vehicles are designed to be most economical with regard to fuel burn/emissions)? For example, an average of around 131,000 cars a month were produced in the three months to July 2007 (ONS), and ALL of those were capable of exceeding that limit, thereby impacting directly on fossil-fuel waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
I'm also intrigued why it is that those who claim to be the most concerned about the impact the hoi-polloi are having on global warming find so many reasons for excusing themselves from the strictures that they want to place of the rest of us.

But then hasn't it always been that way, with the self-appointed 'high-priests' of whatever movement is fashionable telling their flocks how to live their own miserable lives whilst they themselves live high on the hog.

Perhaps 'global warming' is the new theism and the IPCC Report the new 'holy scripture'?


audrey said...

I'm not convinced by global warming theorists. However I do believe we are quite likely polluting many species, including ourselves, out of existence, and we do need to rectify that.

The Merchant of Menace said...

I agree that we are polluters, and that many species are under threat, but then many species have always been under threat - where are the dinosaurs, for example?

On a more prosaic level, the wolf and the boar were hunted to extinction some 3 centuries ago in the UK - a tale that has been repeated elsewhere, and involving other species.

However, I do not believe the ostensible motives being put forward for this new attempts at a scare (read 'control) campaign -remember Malthus, to name but one earlier scaremonger who was totally wrong with his prognostications.

Furthermore, the earth has gone through several periods of glaciation in the past - where I am writing from was once under a 200 feet thick ice-sheet - but each time the glaciers disappeared when the planet subsequently warmed up - and that warming had nothing to do with man, but sunspot activity or the earth changing its axis. However, there's nothing we can do about those phenomena, so the 'we have to do something' brigade step in to fill the vacuum and work on our fears - just like religion always did, and the similarities to the development of these parallel movements is, in some respects, striking.

Admittedly, more could be done to ensure that we do less damage to the ecosystem - like developing cleaner and sustainable fuel supplies to drive machinery (including motor-vehicles), but telling us that we should all return to the allegedly 'simpler-life' of yore - read 'drab', expensive, hard and uncomfortable - whilst the pontificators continue to retain and enjoy the indulgences that mankind has wrought for themselves, is just another form of hypocrisy and bad social engineering.

But isn't it funny how those who set themselves up to tell the rest of us how to live our lives never make the sacrifices that they order us to make. And isn't is also amusing the lengths they will go to excuse their elitism and the need for them to have what they would deny the rest of us.

audrey said...

I agree with you. I do not want to eschew technological advances that make our lives more comfortable. However, there are better choices that can be made, as you noted, especially in regard to fuel sources. I would like to see technology be unemcumbered by the agenda of Big Oil, so we can affordably pursue and use alternative sources.

I don't think that will ever happen in my lifetime, though. In the meantime, I don't buy the hype, but I do my best to take care of my little corner of nowhere. It's the only legacy I have to offer my son -- that and a mother's love.