Monday, December 10, 2007

Evil Atheists Murder Rightly Religious

Yes, it's true, wicked atheists have murdered decent religious folks in two incidents in Colorado this weekend, according to the BBC. In the first, a gunman shot five people in the car park of the New Life Church, Colorado Springs, killing one and wounding 4 others, whilst in the second in a Denver missionary training centre another gunman shot 4, killing 2 of them. (Incidentally, New Life Church was set up by the drug-fiend and promiscuous pederast Ted Haggard, the well-known phoney-preacher, charlatan, mountebank and swindler who you might remember for having had the temerity to call Richard Dawkins arrogant during the latter's TV programme 'The Roots of Evil'.)

Admittedly the BBC don't actually lay the blame for the rampages (can killing 3 people and wounding 6 others in 2 separate incidents be called 'rampages'?) on atheists, nor do they suggest that atheists are wicked or evil, but I'm sure that it is only a matter of time before the religious right in Jesusland (the USA to the rest of us) do - if they haven't already. After all, they've effectively blamed the Columbine murders amongst other such incidents on atheism - see the moronic diatribe by the dysfunctional psychopath Ken Ham in the risibly-named site 'Answers in Genesis' where he claims:
"You see, when millions of students have been told in their classes that there is no God, that man is just an animal, and that death, bloodshed, and violence (similar to what we observe in today’s world) are a natural part of the evolutionary mechanisms that produced man, then let’s be honest about the logical consequences!"
So, there you have it folks - fail to teach indoctrinate children with the exclusive Xtian fairy-tale and they simply go off and do whatever they like, including the mass-murder of their fellow man.

But just a minute - isn't George Dubya Buffoon a devout Xtian? "Course he is", is the reply (and 'course' is the word, but that's another matter), "But he hasn't murdered anyone yet". True, but then all he did was to order the poor suckers in the forces he commands to do it for him - mass murder by proxy, as it were, but that doesn't count because the Iraqis aren't Xtians and so they don't matter anyway (Besides, George was on a holy crusade to steal their oil, until Tony 'God-Told-Me-To-Do-It-Too' B-liar muscled in on Georgie's little game - hardly surprising really, since it was the same 'God' who advised them both.)

Not that these niceties will stop the loonie Xtian right-wing from blaming atheists and atheism for these two terrible events in Colorado this weekend - even if the killers happen to have been inmates of the religious institutions where these atrocities took place - and using them as an excuse to issue more special pleading for the forced indoctrination of so-called 'Xtian values' and the introduction of even greater rights and privileges for Xtians.

After all, wasn't the Twin Towers incident ('9/11' to my American friends) perpetrated by atheists?

What d'you mean, NO!

But the guys that did it weren't Xtians, so they must have been atheists - and, besides, they were evil.

'Nuff said.


audrey said...

Undoubtedly we will find that the gunmen were, in fact, "of the faith." It always ends up that way. You have to be nuts (or whatever the clinical term would be) to "hear" the voice of "God" telling you to do things. It's a short step from that to going out and blasting people away "because God told me so."

Your last line about non-xian = atheist is timely for me. I just had a little incident earlier today. I belong to a volunteer organization and a while back I had to fill out a form to aid in matching me up with places who needed volunteer help. In the box marked "religious affiliation" I had clearly printed "NONE," just like that in block capitals.

I went to my appointment to see what matches they may have found for me and was surprised to see that every single one of them were Catholic agencies and churches. I asked about this and the supervisor said, "Well, it makes sense if you're a nun." (You can see where this is going, eh?)

I was confused. "I'm not a nun!" I exclaimed, "Why would you think I'm a nun?" She replied, "It's what you wrote on your form."

"No," says I, "I certainly didn't." So, she shows me the form. Of course, I had written NONE as I mentioned previously. I pointed out to her that when I wrote NONE, I meant NONE, as in "I have no religious affiliation at all."

"What?" she says, "You can't be NO religion. That's not possible."

What could I do? I asked for my form back. Crossed out NONE and wrote in ATHEIST. I handed it back to her and asked her if she would run it through the system again, please.

She looked at it and said, "Oh, Protestant, then. Sorry about the mix-up."

Yeah, I suppose you could say that atheist is a "kind" of protestant, just not the kind she thinks.

Some people are too stupid to live. 8-(

The Merchant of Menace said...

What a great story, Audrey, and knowing you as I do, I know that every word is absolutely true.

A similar situation used to be prevalent over here, more so in Northern Ireland than in Scotland, but in both countries sectarianism was/is rife.

Frequently one used to be asked whether on was 'a Catty or a Proddy' (Catholic or Protestant) but when one replied 'Neither, I am an atheist' the interlocutor would invariably respond with 'But are you a Catholic Atheist or a Protestant Atheist'.

In conclusion, I have to endorse your final remarks, even though you are too generous to have meant them except in jest: "Some people are too stupid to live. 8-( "

Indeed they are.

But would they be Catholic Morons or Protestant Morons you had in mind? ;-)