Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How Do I Stop My Son Praying To Santa Claus?

Yes folks, that's a genuine headline taken from this week's 'Catholic Herald' which bills itself as "Britain's Leading Catholic Newspaper".

Goodness knows what the conclusion was, for the cheapskates on the Catholic Herald don't provide free access to the article. However, allow me to provide my own solution:-

Teach your son that Santa Claus is a mythical creature, just like the entity you call 'god', and 'jesus' and 'mary magdalene' you dumb fucking bitch!


papalazarou said...

Father Xmas versus God the Father? No contest - Santa by a knock-out - nobody has ever - in recorded history - committed atrocities in his name. Encourage your son to prat to the lesser of two totally irrelevant evils.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Did you mean 'prat' or 'pray'? Whilst I think that you meant 'pray' I have to acknowledge that only prats pray. Sometimes, prats pray then prate about it, which is presumably what this little boy must have done otherwise his dumb mother wouldn't have found out about it.

Still, there's hope for the wee lad yet, for he is only a child and will hopefully grow out of the childish need to pray to imaginary, invented, anthropomorphic creatures like the Xtian so-called 'god' - unlike his completely dysfunctional mother who still cannot put her childhood fantasies behind her.