Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is The Pope Certifiably Insane?

The mad liar, Pope Benedict Ratsarse is at it again with his mendacious ways and duplicitous arguments.

According to 'The Times', the swindler Benny Ratsarse declared in Spe Salvi (translates as 'Saved by Hope Lies!') that atheists argued that:
“A world marked by so much injustice, innocent suffering and cynicism of power cannot be the work of a good God”. Since there was “no God to create justice”, atheists said, Man himself was called on to establish it on Earth. This protest against God was understandable, the Pope said, but “the claim that humanity can and must do what no God actually does or is able to do is both presumptuous and intrinsically false”.
Well, I've got some news for you Benny - your whole declaration is "presumptuous and intrinsically false”, since:-
  • Atheism does not concern itself with the entirely meaningless question as to whether the entity you refer to as 'god' is good, bad, or indifferent, as atheism is the 'justifiable true belief' that there is no god whatsoever.
  • As no-one over the millennia has ever been able to produce a single scintilla of credible evidence that this entity which you refer to as 'god' exists, it is a deliberate perversion of language for you to dismiss atheism as a "protest against God".
  • People who claim to believe that an imaginary entity called 'god' objectively exists despite there being no credible evidence to support that belief - which means that it is not a 'justifiable true belief' - are genuinely mentally ill.
  • The concept of 'justice', like that of 'god' is also a man-made phenomenon, for there is no such thing - unless you trying to tell us, for example, that the barbaric punishments handed out in the name of 'God's justice' by Muslim clerics under Sharia Law should be applied universally as you all claim to believe in the same 'god'.
  • Man does "do what no God actually does or is able to do" every moment of every day, since that which does not objectively exist can do nothing in the real world nor is it able to.
Of course Benedict knows that what I am saying is verifiably true, unlike his specious nonsense quoted above, which is why he has to develop his theme by resorting to even more mendacious and duplicitous claptrap in his 76 page address to "Catholics... Protestants, Orthodox Christians and non-Christians", according to his arse-licking apologist and sycophant, Cardinal Albert Vanhoye, the Vatican biblical scholar who presented the document madman's scribblings.

Those who wish to waste their time reading any more of the Pope's lunatic fabrications and distortions of veracity can follow the link given above, but for those who still require convincing that Il Poopoo is undeniably insane, I will leave you with his conclusion:
"[Many people reject faith today] simply because they do not find the prospect of eternal life attractive. What they desire is not eternal life at all, but this present life, for which faith in eternal life seems something of an impediment. To continue living forever – endlessly – appears more like a curse than a gift. [He concluded that Eternity was] not an unending succession of days in the calendar but an encounter with Christ after death which is like plunging into an ocean of infinite love, a moment in which time, the before and after, no longer exists”.
If that is not the ravings of a poor creature suffering from delusional psychosis and tormented by his madness, I don't know what is.

Or, to answer the question posed in the title: Yes. Absolutely.


papalazarou said...

I loved the post but really ... did you need to ask? Mad as a fucking hatter though you'd be hard pressed to get him certified or sectioned since this particular stripe of delusional behaviour gets special treatment - I wonder if that is in part due to the preponderance of "men of faith" in the psychology and psychiatry businesses?

Guilty as charged!

The Merchant of Menace said...

But the preponderance of "men of faith" in the psychology and psychiatry business is primarily a consequence of their very own psychopathology and desperate needs, but since those disciplines do not enable them to resolve their primal problems they have to resort to the delusion of religion. Naturally, they are not then going to condemn their own means of coping with their angst, even though by the same criteria they readily diagnose others as delusional psychotics.