Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saint Baloney, Complete Phoney

Well, I was going to write a piece on the total hypocrisy of Toney Baloney (left) - and, yes, I do know that Our Tone doesn't spell his forename that way but it looks better that way - but my good friend Paplazarou has beaten me to it and said all that needs be said. So, this will have to suffice from me - except to direct you to Papalazarou's superior comment.

Mind you, not all Roman Catholic's are happy about Tone's apparent conversion either - already this evening on TV we've had Anne Widdicombe and the Editor of the 'Catholic Herald' fulminating on the subject, and no doubt at this minute they're dipping their respective quills in vitriol and penning something scurrilous to say about it in the press over the weekend.

Actually, the real reason that Toney Baloney converted now was so that he could take advantage of the Pope's recent offer of relief from purgatory. But there's only one thing wrong with that, Tone: you are destined to live in the hell of your own creation, you hypocritical mendacious fuckwit.

Still, it'll make for nice cosy Sunday mornings for you and Cherie as you indulge in you cannibalistic, sympathetic-magic, delusional rituals.


Nietzsche said...

Tony Blair likes the taste of ass... First He licks Bush's ass, for 4 years, and now he's ready to lick the Poop's ass!

The Merchant of Menace said...

He's also a delusional psychopath - see here.