Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So-Called Atheist, Real-Time Hypocrite

This is a photograph of Nick Clegg, the newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, pontificating in the way that politicians love to do.

During an interview today on BBC radio, Clegg stated "No" in reply to the question, "Do you believe in God", but went on to add, subsequently, that he has...
"...enormous respect for people who have religious faith, I'm married to a Catholic and am committed to bringing my children up as Catholics. However, I myself am not an active believer, but the last thing I would do when talking or thinking about religion is approach it with a closed heart or a closed mind."
Now how's that for a piece of outstanding hypocrisy and duplicity?

If you really don't believe in this mythical figure referred to as 'God, Mr Clegg - and, remember, you said initially that you didn't - then not only do you not have the right to allow your children to be indoctrinated into the delusional faith shared by your wife and the Roman Catholic Church, but you are actively participating in child abuse.

And as for your subsequent mealy-mouthed utterances that you are not an 'active believer' what exactly do you mean to convey by that: that you do believe in this mythical entity called 'God' but simply don't worship it, that you are really an agnostic , or that you are too pusillanimous and duplicitous to reiterate your initial, categorical and atheist "No"?

Furthermore, it is impertinent of you to imply that those of us who are neither intellectually sub-normal nor psychologically dysfunctional to talk honestly or think rationally about the delusional psychopathology that is religion have taken such a stand due to us having " a closed heart or a closed mind". On the contrary, it is only those people who do have an open heart and an open mind who can acknowledge there there is absolutely no credible objective evidence whatsoever that any of the thousands of so-called 'gods' which mankind has invented over the millennia have ever existed, far less the one that the Abrahamic religions refer to as 'God', the supreme and only creator of the universe and all that exists in it.

But then I'd hardly expect you to be familiar with the concept of personal integrity, Nicky-boy, and your latest little piece of duplicity as reported by the BBC simply confirms that.

Oh, by the way, don't count on my vote.

No, belay that; count on my vote, just hold your breath until you get it.

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