Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UK 'Must Celebrate Christianity'

That, at least, is the headline in the BBC's report of the debate led in parliament today by that delusonal psychotic and moron, Mark Pritchard, referred to here in an earlier blog.

During the time-wasting debate, apparently some buffoon bearing the ridiculous title of 'community cohesion minister' called Parmjit Dhanda told MPs that Xtianity had had a "significant impact" in securing people's rights and freedoms.

Obviously, Mr Dhanda is completely unaware of the continued and ongoing attempts by Christians to silence those who call their delusional beliefs regarding the existence of their so-called 'god' and this mythical person they call 'jesus' into question. I refer, of course, to the decision in the High Court today, reported here, when a group of religious fascists known as 'Christian Voice' failed, yet again, in their attempts to prosecute the BBC for the screening of 'Jerry Springer - The Opera' in 2005. Naturally these soi-disant Xtians claim to speak on behalf of all Xtians, and they have announced that they intend to continue with their attempts to silence anyone who criticises or holds their ridiculous religion up to the ridicule that it rightly deserves. So much for Xtians promulgating free speech and freedom for those of us who are not party to their dysfunctional needs, eh Mr Dhanda?

Now Mark Pritchard wants Christians to be granted "full minority rights" (whatever THAT means), because:"
"Most Christians feel they are not getting a fair hearing."
However, Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, called the debate "a waste of precious parliamentary time", and concluded:
"Christians are not being pushed out of public life. If anything they are over-represented."
Hardly surprising really that they should take on so, however, as Xtians have always claimed that they have been badly done by ever since their make-believe messiah and non-existent 'jesus' was supposedly crucified by a bunch of non-believers.

Nevertheless, I fully support Mark Pritchard's call for Xtians to be given a fair hearing - except that it should be during the course of a structured professional interview from a competent psychiatrist, for the sooner that these poor delusional psychotics are treated properly with modern anti-psychotic drugs the better it will be for them, not to mention for the rest of us who are, by his own admission, the majority.

In conclusion, we, the majority, are becoming increasingly tired of Xtians' constant wailings and bleatings that they deserve more power to dictate to the rest of us, as well as their constant refrain we should respect their delusional faith despite the fact that it is actually a diagnosable mental illness.


papalazarou said...

I despair at the waste of parliamentary time - ban smoking, ban hunting with dogs, look after Xtians - what next? Cosset paedophiles?

The Merchant of Menace said...

Now if you'd have said 'closet paedophiles', you would have been closer to the mark for, statistically speaking, there must be a few of those in parliament.

papalazarou said...