Friday, February 08, 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury Proves His Critics Correct: He Is Mad.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, finally lost his vestigial grip on sanity yesterday when he announced that it was unavoidable that the UK allows parts of Sharia Law to supersede our own laws. His reasoning for this astounding demonstration of his insanity was that Muslims in the UK would feel ostracised and left out of British society if they were forced to continue to accept the parts of our laws that they did not agree with. Nevertheless, the Arch-Buffoon of Durovernum was quick to point out that he did not want the parts of Sharia which imposed what he referred to as "extreme punishments" or discrimination against women to be adopted here, which will be welcome news for all those adulterers who would otherwise face execution by lapidation or beheading. However, it is rather strange that Williams has never suggested that those non-Muslims amongst us should also share the privileges he is advocating for Muslims and that we too should be able to set aside the laws of the land which we do not agree with but are forced to adopt.

Frankly, I think it is time this mad prelate was sent to Riyadh to preach to the Saudis that Christianity is the true interpretation of the "word of God" and that Muhammad misheard the dictation of the Archangel Gabriel so that Williams can experience directly the benefits of Sharia Law for himself. Either that or he should be incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital here under the Mental Health Acts and medicated with large doses of risperidone.

Thank goodness every political party and religious denomination in this country has condemned the Arch-Buffoon's remarks as divisive, unacceptable, muddle-headed and wrong. It is only a pity that Williams did not have sufficient insight to appreciate that for himself, but his lack of insight merely confirms that the man has lost his vestigial grip on sanity.


audrey said...

I heard about this on our CBC radio today and thought instantly "I wonder what the Old Git is going to say about this!"

Last year, there was a motion put forth in Ontario to allow Sharia law -- courts and all. There was quite an outcry, even from Muslims, who said that they'd left their own countries precisely because of things like the tyranny of Sharia law. Canada is supposed to be a safe-haven against such outrage.

The motion was quietly set aside, but you never know when that kind of scum will rise to the top again.

The Merchant of Menace said...

You'll find it amusing to know, therefore, that Williams and other apologists for that vile atrocity known as Islam claim that Sharia Law has been adopted successfully by Canada and that the dual system works well there, and they use that claim to justify its adoption here too. Seems like mendacity is endemic to these religious types.