Saturday, February 09, 2008

Archbishop Still In Denial

Is Rowan Williams, the artistically coiffed Archbishop of Canterbury, any nearer to recognising the truth?

Not only is there no "God" , but many of his own flock consider that he is not the man to be leading the Anglican World-wide congregation.

Nevertheless, the man is sufficiently hubristic to insist that he was correct in advocating that our law should take account of religious beliefs and even extend the concessions already granted to theists. A visitor to his website will find that this duplicitous man is still trying to justify his position with more egregious nonsense of the same ilk:-
"[He claims that his core intention was] to tease out some of the broader issues around the rights of religious groups within a secular state"
Well here's one right granted to a religious group that I'd like to tear out, not merely tease out, namely the fact that the Archbishop and his 25 fellow Bishops have the right simply by virtue of their position in the Church of England to sit in our second chamber and directly influence the passing of legislation so that it accords with their particular religious views.

No doubt it is only a matter of time before Williams will be adding his voice to that of the Muslim clerics who want the same privileges that have been extended to the Church of England, so that Imams qua Imams will also sit in the Lords. After all, that way they will be in a better position to shape our laws to suit the Islamic religion and bring its some of its adherents nearer to their dream of building a world-wide caliphate.

I wonder, though, why it is that those Muslims living in the UK who are so desirous of living under Sharia don't emigrate to one of the avowed Muslim countries where they will find themselves more in accord with the way of life practised there? Admittedly, few Muslim women used to the rights and freedoms available to them in the UK would care to exchange that for a life in Saudi, Iran, or Afghanistan, to name but a few examples, but many of men would love it, for it would not only legitimise but increase their power and control over women.


papalazarou said...

As I was unable to listen to the buffoon himself I have been listening very carefully to the buffoon's defenders over the past days and their linguistic and counter-logical sophistries have been enlightening. There appear to be 3 main lines of defence:

1) the archbsihop's words have been taken out of the profound theological context within which they were set.
2) the bish is primarily an "academic" and thus only other academics are fit to pronounce upon his pronouncements
3) certain religions, other than Islam, have special, overlapping jurisdiction with the legal system of the UK and the bish was only asking for some sort of accommodation to bring the Musselmen up to snuff.

My responses - in reverse order:

3) remove all canonical or religious overlapping courts and then they would all be equal (and silent we hope) - this would of course require the disestablishment of the CofE (at last) and we should all be better for it

2) If "theology" is an academic subject then perhaps we should re-introduce Alchemy as a major scientific subject. As it is not then we are all free to comment on what walks like nonsense, talks like nonsense and quacks like nonsense

1) when asked directly on Radio4 in summation of his position whether he believed it to be inevitable that Some elements of Sharia law would come to UK law he assented. Maybe he took his own thoughts out of their strictly theological context.

Why do I bother with such rubbish? Buggered if I know!

The Merchant of Menace said...

You bother because, dear sir, you have personal integrity and exercise intellectual rigour to that which you read and speak, unlike the Arch-Buffoon of Durovernum, Rowan Atkinson - if only Rowan Williams was that funny.

audrey said...

Non-academics are perfectly at rights to criticise and comment upon the statements of academics. Though, one can hardly call the archbishop's spewings 'academic.'

As to why Muslims would actually want Sharia law, I cannot comprehend. For obvious reasons, the misogynist relig-idiots bother me the most. There is something very mentally wrong with a man who will do anything in the name of his chauvinist male deity and then turn around and debase the one he should be 'worshipping' -- that earthly goddess who is his wife. :-)

But, I am a wee bit biased, perhaps.

The Merchant of Menace said...

It's not that you're biased, Audrey, it's just that you are overlooking the fact that all clerics, of whatever religious stripe, are not only misologists, but misogynists too.

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