Saturday, May 31, 2008

Education: A Weapon Against Ignorance.

At least, that's what Ed Balls, the Labour Government's illustrious "schools secretary"(sic) is quoted by The Guardian as having said yesterday in the Times Educational Supplement. Balls was writing in the TES to explain the Government's latest asinine policy, which is to send British-born Imams into schools to lead citizenship lessons to give a counter view to the "al-qaida version" of Islam. Apparently, these clerics would be vetted to ensure they do not hold radical views, which can mean only that they do not hold the Qur'an as the immutable words of "God, since much if not most of the exhortations, instructions and orders contained in it are what many would consider extreme per se and radical to a fault.

According to Balls:
"A very small number of young people of school age may already be at risk of being drawn into criminal activity inspired by violent extremists. Extremists of every persuasion tend to paint the world as black and white ... exploiting fears based on ignorance. Education can be a powerful weapon against this."
Pity that our so-called "schools secretary" (sic) doesn't appreciate that if education did its job correctly in the first place, it would result in pupils being trained to develop the intellectual equipment which would enable them to comprehend that all religion is completely indistinguishable from ignorance, superstition, fairy tales, make-believe, and delusions

In short, that so-called religious "belief" represents, and is a manifestation of, the psychopathological needs of its adherents, and that religion should have no place in our public life whatsoever.


audrey said...

You know, I homeschool my kid, but really... those nutjobs need to keep their f*cking dogma off of our kids.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Trouble is, Audrey, the lunatics are running the asylum. Bet your kid is better educated and better balanced than the poor brats who have to face what passes here for a 'schooling' these days.