Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mad Tony Finally Cracks Up

According to the BBC, Mad Tony Blair, our quondam Illustrious Leader and Chief Baloney Merchant, has finally completely cracked up and demonstrated to everyone who has a scintilla of intelligence that he is indeed a raving lunatic. As of now, our Tone is going to dedicate his paltry life to uniting the world's religions in some Jesus loving crusade against the ungodly amongst us.

According to Tone, religion can cure malaria and extreme poverty, so expect him to start doling out the £12,000,000 to the poor he has earned since having the decency to step down from running ruining the UK (BTW, Tone, like you I bank at Coutts, so a quiet little donation into account number 382146717 would be appreciated).

This coming Friday, Tone is launching his "faith" foundation in New Yoik - presumably he thinks that the citizenry of that country will be more appreciative of his latest venture folly, since they are what his master, George Dubya Bush, called "the most religious Nation on Earth" when addressing the World Economic Forum in Egypt recently. Not to be outdone by Bush, Tony Baloney declared:
"Faith is part of our future, and faith and the values it brings with it are an essential part of making globalisation work."
What a fucking mendacious and duplicitous, psychopathological prat you really are, Tone - as if we didn't know it all along. Or are we supposed to forget that Saddam didn't have "weapons of mass destruction that could hit the UK within 45 minutes", to mention perhaps your most blatant and egregious lie?

Actually I'm wrong. Mea culpa, Tone. Your most blatant and egregious lie is that there is a "God", since there is even less evidence to substantiate that claim than the one you made about the late lamented Saddam and his WMDs.

I hope every one of your days is filled with misery, you insincere fucking hypocrite, and that you wither and die horribly with the knowledge that your non-existent, so-called "god" can't save you .

Addendum: Actually, next to Tone's claim that this "God" of his exists, despite no-one over the millennia ever having been able to produce the tiniest shred of empirical evidence to substantiate that spurious claim, his other grand lie is that he is a "socialist", since all he's ever done is to rob the poor to fund rich bastards like himself and his uncharming damsel, Cherie, of letterbox-mouth fame.

Pair of phonies, both of them. No wonder they were welcomed into the Roman Catholic Church.

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