Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back To Basics - But Only When It Suits.

This is a picture of Gene Robinson, the Episcopalian's first openly gay bishop.

The fact that he is gay doesn't bother me in the slightest, though I have difficulty accepting that an honest man who is not suffering from delusional psychosis can really believe in the superstitious, supernatural, mumbo-jumbo and arrant nonsense that is the reality of religious so-called "belief" - belief, that no psychologist or epistemologist could possibly classify as "justified true belief".

However, the fact that Bishop Robinson is gay exercises the Anglican Communion to the point of self-destruction (good for you, Gene, perhaps you're an undercover atheist at heart, as Professor Georges Rey maintains).

As the BBC reports today,
"The rift in the Anglican Communion - superficially over homosexuality - has been widening steadily ever since the ordination by its American wing of the openly-gay bishop Gene Robinson in 2003...Three hundred traditionalist bishops and archbishops - who believe that the Bible outlaws active homosexuality - are staging what is in effect a rival meeting to the Lambeth Conference, the 10-yearly gathering[in the highly symbolic site of Jerusalem] of Anglican bishops from all over the world
Typical of the buffoons, mountebanks, charlatans, and self-aggrandising despots in attendance at this Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) is he Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Orombi - who is boycotting the Lambeth Conference - and who said his wish was to emulate the first Christians.

Orombi is typical of the Gafcon traditionalists, who have gathered in Jerusalem to demand that the Communion as a whole - including the Americans - go back to the stricter reading of the Bible they say would have applied in the early history of the Church which was born in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago.

Funny then that I don't hear Orombi advocating the return of black people to slavery and subservience to the white man - both of which were policies supported in the not too distant past by a "stricter reading of the Bible".

Neither do I hear him or his traditionalist colleagues demanding that any of the injunctions in Leviticus apart from Chapter 18:22 be enforced on all members of the so-called Communion.

Presumably, also, these phonies and mountebanks want all aspects of science teaching that are not in literal accordance with the so-called "inerrant words of God" as set out in Genesis 1 to be abolished.

In short, Orombi and his gang are just another bunch of self-seeking, self-promoting, self-aggrandising, manipulative, homophobic swindlers, but then that is typical of all religious types who are not certifiable as suffering from delusional psychosis.

Question: Why is it that it takes an atheist to point out that religious people in general, and their clerics in particular, are the least likely people to adhere to a "stricter reading of the Bible" but choose only to parrot the sections which suit their particular prejudices and predilections?

Answer: Because the Bible is a complete lie, from beginning to end, and those people who claim to "believe" it are complete liars - or else they are insane.

Meanwhile, I hope that Gene Robinson doesn't give in to this bunch of homophobic trash meeting in Jerusalem as he has as much right to hold office in the church as any of them, as they all believe in fairy-tales.

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