Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bleating Christian At It Again (Lying, That Is)!

Here we go again, that carefully coiffed charlatan, Rowan Williams, the Arch-Buffoon of Durovernum, is claiming that the Gordy Broon's Government is not giving sufficient preference to the Church of England, according to his preface to a highly-biased report published by the Christian special-pleading group, the Von Hugel Institute (situate at St Edmunds' College, Cambridge), and entitled "Moral, But No Compass". N.B., the title is an oblique reference to Broon's own recent claim that his religion (Church of Scotland) and dour Presbyterian upbringing, has given him a 'moral compass' which guides him at all times.

One of the most ridiculous criticisms that the report had to say about the Government was this:
"Every participant in our study from the Church agreed that there was deep 'religious illiteracy' on the part of the Government."
Naturally, neither the manipulative mountebanks who wrote the report, nor the charlatan Dr Williams explain what is meant by 'religious illiteracy'. Hardly surprising, really, since it is no more a personal or intellectual failure to be 'religiously illiterate' (whatever that is supposed to mean), than it is to be 'astrologically illiterate', or 'fortune-telling illiterate', or un-knowledgeable regarding the contents of the ancient scribblings about any of the other superstitious nonsense and make-believe that is passed off by proclaimed "believers" as empirical fact. However, it is egregious in the extreme for the soi-disant Christians behind this report - or for any other religious movement, for that matter - to suggest that one can be moral only if one adheres to the minutiae of their particular delusional and psychopathological religious view of the world. How dishonest of them to keep braying that old calumny and lie, but then one can hardly expect religious promulgators to demonstrate any personal integrity or academic rigour, or to have any regard for fact, since they have never, over the millennia, been able to produce a single shred of empirical evidence proving their claim that their particular "god" exists, never mind being able to evidence any of the spurious claims that they make for this supernatural and non-existent entity.

Frankly, Gordy Broon's so-called 'socialist' government does indeed merit serious criticism, since all he and his predecessor, that other great soi-disant 'man of faith', Tony B-liar, have done little but bankrupt this country, swindle their supporters, and line their own pockets whilst simultaneously stroking their own grossly distorted egos. However, it is a complete fabrication and a downright libel for Christians to accuse either Brown or Blair of "religious illiteracy". Not only have this pair of megalomaniac buffoons done more to increase the role of faith in public life - they are both committed to increase the number and funding for 'faith' schools, for example - than any other Prime Minister in living memory, but they are both, by their own admissions, deeply religious. Thus, the report is little more than a tissue of lies put out with the intention of preying on the guilt and neediness of religious people but, hey, what's new, as anyone who has so much as dipped into the so-called "Holy Bible" can confirm for themselves. Not that those who suffer from "religious illiteracy" would know that.

In short, all these Christian special pleaders really want is to stem the decline of their own power and prestige. Instead of appointing a "Minister for Religion", as the report demands, the government should take all steps to secularise all the organs of state and to ensure that religion has no direct input whatsoever in our daily lives.

Religious "belief" is psychopathological belief, and the sooner our establishment has the moral and intellectual courage to come out in the open and say so, the better. In the meantime, if we cannot consign all self-proclaimed religious "believers" to lunatic asylums, let us at least confine them to their homes and places of worship and hear no more from them.

As for religious people having morals, well all I can say that there is little empirical evidence of that.


audrey said...

Suggestion: before addressing so-called "religious illiteracy," religionists may want to address their inherent "reality illiteracy."

The Merchant of Menace said...

But therein lies the problem, Audrey, for no religious folks abide by the literal words of their so-called 'god' as inscribed in 'his' - all the Abrahamic religions are gynephobic, remember - so-called 'holy scriptures'. Therefore, by definition, all so-called religious people are by definition "religious illiterates" themselves, since they fail to carry out the literal words of their 'god'. Thus, if they are truly illiterate about the mythical tales of make-believe which they profess to believe in and allegedly subscribe to, it is unfair of those of us who are more sane to expect them to subscribe to reality. In other words, their "religiously illiteracy" is proof that they know that the claims they make for their religion and its respective 'godhead' are completely bogus - or, as Georges Rey maintains in his theory of meta-atheism, they are all liars at some level or another. Too true, yet still these religious mountebanks want the rest of us to play along with their little fantasy game and give them the respect, reverence and authority that their immature egos demand.

Fuck them, is my response - but since I am addressing myself to a genuine lady (not just a female, as those religious misogynists would have it), I apologise to you alone, Audrey, for my turn of phrase.