Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why They Don't Want Women To Spoil Their Fun!

According to the BBC, some 1300 male clergy at the Church of England's General Synod had threatened to leave the Church if safeguards were not agreed to reassure those in the CofE who objected to the consecration of women bishops.

The picture tells us why.

Some senior churchmen admit privately that "at least 40% of the clergy are gay", and nearly 100% of the clergy are misogynists.

After all, "God" doesn't need a woman, so it can't be natural to be subservient to one, can it?

BTW, the picture is not meant to suggest that paedophilia has anything to do with homosexuality per se. Gays are not child molesters.

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audrey said...

I've heard this argument before. Apparently, somewhere in the bible it says that women can't or shouldn't lead congregations because men shouldn't be subservient to women... or some such shite.

It's all about quashing feminine power. Xianity is practically designed around it! It's quite unnecessary, of course. If these kinds of men would just step into reality for a moment, they might see that feminine power does not mean we (women) are all out to bite off their penises.

Really, we quite enjoy them well attached. :-)