Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Saintliness of Hypocrisy

According to the apologists for the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Semite Brigade (with apologies for the tautology), the soon-to-be-sainted Pope Pius XII was a saviour of the Jews during World War II. According to an article in 'The Telegraph' today, the current Pope, Benedict XVI (himself a former Nazi), maintains that new research shows that his predecessor
"...spared no effort, wherever it was possible, to intervene [for Jews] directly or through instructions given to individuals or institutions in the Catholic Church"
Benny XVI continued with his peroration of excuse for Pius' public silence regarding the atrocities committed to the Jews by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy with this:
"[Pius had to work] secretly and silently [to] avert the worst and save the highest number of Jews possible."
Then Benny went on and cited a meeting Pius had in the Vatican in November 1945 with 80 death camp survivors who ”thanked him personally for his generosity”, as if Pius' "generosity" merited thanks per se. Furthermore, even if all 80 of those survivors owed their lives directly to the intercession of Pius himself - an event even more unlikely than the existence of this entity that the Roman Catholic Church refers to as 'god' - the numbers are insignificant given the Pontiff's position compared to the thousands of Jews saved by other, less-powerful, ordinary people who actually put their own lives on the line in doing so, unlike anything Pius ever did (allegedly).

Incidentally, Benny fails to appraise us how many of those 80 survivors were actually Jewish, but given the general anti-Semitic stance of the RC Church, I wouldn't be surprised in none of them was.

Truly Pius XII is a hypocrite saint.

Next, we'll be hearing how Benny Ratsarse only joined the Hitler Youth in order to run a resistance organisation against the hated Nazi regime and that he too is worthy of sainthood.

United in hypocrisy, the pair of them, but then only a hypocrite or a delusional psychopath could profess to believe any of that risible mumbo-jumbo that the Roman Catholic Church espouses.